Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And The Beat Goes On...

...and THIS is why I LOVE PUMAs...THIS is what Democrats USED to stand for: passionate devotion to the ideals of Equal Voice and Equal Vote and tireless willingness to put their principles into action!

An account of yesterday's Manhattan Flier drive from one of our most passionate and tireless workers--in her own inimitable words! Manhattan Flyer Drives take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6 PM and will be ongoing until the November election!

The table event from last night.

Someone drove in from nj and brought a table. How hot is that.

When i got to the park I couldn't find my peeps but while i was looking around I saw a guy with a large foam board that said "Give Hillary one more chance" with a check box and a check. I asked him was he with my group. He said no. I said who are you with? he said "no one, i just can't stand it anymore so i made some fliers, wrote up a sign and paid some people to hand out these fliers with me". He had 4 people that he paid to hand out the flier he made. Amazing. So i said "i have a group, i don't know where they are, but walk with me". So he'll be joining us next time, as will the other new puma we met on the street last week.

Found the NY/NJ puma crew, they had a fold out table, fliers, etc. I had brought some signs and fliers as well. At some point we asked a woman "are you a hillary supporter?" her eyes lit up and she said YES. After a couple of words she literally ran into our arms and hugged us. She said how f'd up she thinks the whole thing was and is and wanted to know what she could do. She was so happy that there were other people who felt like she did.

This is why we are out there. Because every time we are out there people are feeling just like this and w're going to bring them in. We handed out many fliers, and many puma pac business cards. At around 10pm we went and got drinks. While we were sitting outside someone saw my puma sign and made some dumb comment about why are pumas always white, i set him straight, and he's lucky he walked away because 2 african guys behind me were getting pretty pissed at him. :D.

Til next time.

Indeed, Jessi!

BRAVA to you, and to all PUMAs everywhere!

We thank you for having the courage and commitment to stand up for what you believe in, make your voice be heard, and get the truth out where it belongs--in the hearts and minds of the People!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

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