Monday, March 30, 2009

1444 v. 450

HR1444 = Violates 13th Amendment, mandatory service: PASSED.
HR 450 =
To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws: SCUTTLED.
Gee. Which one would any sane person think should pass? Which one DID pass? If you are aware that the mandatory service/Hitler Youth bill was the one that passed, you are following the perfidy of Congress very well these days. As for HR 450: Nancy Pelosi, ever true to her tawdry image, scuttled it by sending it off to the Judiciary Committee for an unspecified amount of other words--she killed it. We should all call our Reps and let them know they MUST petition for it to be passed, if indeed any of them listens these days. For all intents and purposes, however, it appears that they do not, as I have not recently heard of any satisfactory response to a constituent from any government official or politician. Given that, against the approval of 99% of the American people, they passed both the Bailout bill and the Slave bill, it is not prudent to think that petitioning them on such a small matter as adherence to the Constitution would give them any cause to respond other than send inane form letters and do what they please.
[For a thorough rundown on HR 450, go to]
Text of H.R. 450: Enumerated Powers Act
This version: Introduced in House. This is the original text of the bill as it was written by its sponsor and submitted to the House for consideration. This is the latest version of the bill available on this website.
HR 450 IH
1st Session
To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.
January 9, 2009
Mr. SHADEGG introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Rules, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned
A BILL To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
This Act may be cited as the ‘Enumerated Powers Act’.

(a) Constitutional Authority for This Act- This Act is enacted pursuant to the power granted Congress under article I, section 8, clause 18, of the United States Constitution and the power granted to each House of Congress under article I, section 5, clause 2, of the United States Constitution.
(b) Constitutional Authority Statement Required- Chapter 2 of title 1, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 102 the following new section:
‘Sec. 102a. Constitutional authority clause
‘Each Act of Congress shall contain a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that Act. The failure to comply with this section shall give rise to a point of order in either House of Congress. The availability of this point of order does not affect any other available relief.’
(c) Clerical Amendment- The table of sections at the beginning of chapter 2 of title 1, United States Code, is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 102 the following new item:
‘102a. Constitutional authority clause.’

Well, that about says it all as far as Congress goes. The ONE bill that MIGHT have shed a ray of hope into our hearts has been scuttled by Nancy Pelosi. God forbid Congress should have to be accountable to the point that they adhere to the Constitution when they introduce and pass bills. Clearly, Nancy & Co., know all too well that NOTHING they have done would pass muster under our Constitution, so the only way around THAT is to scuttle any bill that tries to mandate that our laws abide by it. It would be laughable if it werent' so terribly sad and frightening. Well...the People are marching...and the tumbrils roll. Proceed against the Constitution at your own peril, Congress...or whoever you are...
Many thx to Lyn's FB shout out...and to Logistics Monster...yeah, what SHE said! Let's get ACTIVE with ACCDF, folks!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Into Tea Time

The warmth of the Spring sun toasts the patio stones to the temperature of a hot rocks massage, and I am blessed this day to be able to watch an old dog snooze on their warmth as I watch a puppy cavort in the grass. Yes, life goes on-- amidst war and worry, terror and trial, here and abroad, we must all remember to savor these small spaces in time where life goes on as usual, and rejoice in the gifts it brings as we make ready our plans to speak out against that which threatens to bring us down. A great many thanks to the Usual Suspects--those bright bastions of light amidst the dark who grace and embrace us with fact, sort it from MSM fiction, and give us the kind of REAL hope that springs eternal in the hearts and minds of Americans near and far. Worldnet Daily, who reports Bob Basso's summons to the White House after his hugely successful, oft viewed Youtube "Thomas Paine" video came into their sights; who maintains an updated Tea Party site; Maggie's Notebook and Texas Darlin' , who have been diligent in reporting government surveillance on Bob Basso and Stephen Pidgeon, [our very own "Constitutional Radio's" guest this Tuesday, March 31 at 10:00 PM!] and others who dare to speak out, and of course, first, last and always, our inimitable Logistics Monster, who not only reports the truth the few knew, but also those who watch her, in the hope for a more transparent society all around! After all...Fair is Fair... and Those Who Watch must realize that Watching must be a two way street in a Democratic Republic. There are, in fact, so many hard working, patriotic Americans involved in the fight for their country now, both home and abroad that it would be impossible to include them all in one post-- my blogroll is long, and though by no means exhaustive, a good place to start-- but rest assured, no perusal of patriotism is complete without checking and supporting these fine sites: The Right Side of Life, Pat Dollard's growing coalition American Constitution and Capitalism Defense Front [ACCDF/ACTIVE] and radio show. And, too, the tireless efforts of Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, Phil Berg and Teo at Just a word of caution to all: Keep those Tea Parties going, and beware gov't. efforts to keep them hidden, cancelled and unattended. MSM has yet to report any of the massive wave of these grassroots efforts that have been taking place around the country, and as organizers of the April 1st Tea Party in Cape Coral, FL learned, if "too many" people plan to attend, municipalities can cancel these events unless permits and insurance are purchased in advance. Cape Coral's event portended a turn out of more than 500 people and thus, authorities prevailed upon Lynn Rosko to obtain permit and insurance. But, we continue to forge ahead on our path of patriotism, to educate others and to make ourselves heard, and we must salute not only our troops and patriotic leaders, but, too, the thin ranks of main stream media who have the courage and conviction to speak out about that which is wrong: Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck's 912 Project, know who you are--and a great big hat tip to you all! Happy Spring, Happy Tea Time and Happy Birthday Patriotism!

And, remember--our Founding Fathers were at once wily and wise--the perfect recipe for a nation of freedom!
"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty. --John Adams

Hope you'll all join me tonight at 11 PM EST on "Kicking Back With Central" as I welcome founder, Teo Bear!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Wherever there's trouble...there's A.C.O.R.N.

A.C.O.R.N. BEHIND PROTESTS AT AIG HOMES - Under S.E.I.U. RENT-A- MOB CONTRACTA Glenn Beck interview with an election attorney has exposed the fact that the SEIU (Service Employees INTERNATIONAL Union) contracted the angry mob which intimidated AIG employees at their own homes this past week. According to this report, the "Muscle for Money" program, revealed by a former A.C.O.R.N.employee at hearings held last October, involves formal work contracts between the SEIU & A.C.O.R.N. in which poor persons are paid to make targeted, aggressive protests, which are then covered by the Main Stream Media with the appearance of spontaneous events led by "everyday citizens."
Beck followed up on the mobs which terrorized AIG executives homes when he noticed the protesters were arriving in organized buses, which were rented by A.C.O.R.N. Referencing A.C.O.R.N.'s shady history, the reporter referred back to A.C.O.R.N.'s arrangements of voting booths in Nevada casinos as their instrument for assuring Obama's "win" of last year's Primary caucus in the state. A.C.O.R.N is also being investigated on criminal vote fraud
in several other states for related misconduct. The "bus tour" attack on AIG families was, specifically, arranged by Conneticut's Working Families Party as one of A.C.O.R.N. & S.E.I.U.'s many public faces. Cleta Mitchell, an attorney who has followed the underlying connections of these groups explained that the S.E.I.U. has spent tens of millions of dollars on all kinds of organizations over the last five years. Federally funded in part, and also supported by George Soros, one of A.C.O.R.N.'s multifold "campaigns" for change includes the legalization of drugs in the U.S. As Beck noted, former A.C.O.R.N. employees repulsed by the organization's methods and associations have contributed to exposing their tactics but avoid public statements. One such witness invited on air declined, expressing fear for her two year old daughter's safety.
W.A.M. ALERT The spider-web of socialist intrigue doesn't stop there. The recent TV network attention on waves of AIG protests has been used to fuel public enmity toward corporations in order to gain Congressional passage of CARD CHECK. This union-organizing legislation, spearheaded by the S.E.I.U, abolishes the secret ballot and would open the door for this INTERNATIONAL union to propagate intimidation tactics, similar to those above, on successful non-union companies and small businesses across the nation.
If you, as an "ordinary citizen" (not paid by A.C.O.R.N. or the S.E.I.U.) and have not yet contacted Washington to block passage of this "Employee Free Choice Act" (aka CARD CHECK) link here to sign in and send your State's Senators a FREE FAX now:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are SO Screwed...NOTTT

At 5:27 PM EST today, HR1388, S277 Serve America Act, National Service Programs bill has passed in the Senate with 78 ayes, 20 nays. Lady Liberty continues to sob as the Heavens rain down all manner of affront upon us. Things are happening so fast that few are able to comprehend the true nature of what has befallen us. Indeed, "Now is the time for all good men [and women] to come to the aid of their country." Stay tuned as people join Restore the Republic, ACCDF, The Patriotic Resistance at, and the Shantytowns swell past capacity across our sad and sorry nation. But WE ARE AMERICANS and we WILL survive to bring our country and our Constitution through this challenge safely! As redlemur suggests, fly that Gadsden flag in your yard, display that Constitution in your front window! [Both of which can be had with the click of the wrist by going to http:///!], start the conversations and the dialogs that get people involved and remind everyone that we are Americans and we are not going anywhere! As the Greeks said, "Molon Labe!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

*Newspeak 2009: GIVE=TAKE; or, Violation of the 13th Amendment, Comin' Right Up!


Unfortunately, our Lady of Liberty continues to weep and wring her hands, as the Senate continued debate on R1388=S3577=S277 or, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein, a sin by any other name is still a sin...
The infamous HR1388, passed by the House on March 18, is now under debate in the Senate, and, morphed as it is to hide both intent and content, has had its names changed and bundled to confuse everyone by sliding it forward under Ted Kennedy's original Americorp, under an altruistic sounding "Serve America" title.
Codename: Violation of the 13th Amendment, which states:
Article. XIII.

[Proposed 1865; Ratified 1865]Section. 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section. 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Clearly, even to those would would prefer to think otherwise, this abomination of a bill is not only unconstitutional, but the fact that The Powers That Be have attempted to bury it beneath layers of renamed clutter and a plethora of amendments, stands as testimony to the intent to deceive the public and abrogate the Constitution yet once more. While it has not yet passed in the Senate, a motion for cloture was passed, to stop debate and filibustering. Our Logistics Monster, Savante Extroadinaire, has been monitoring the process for us, and for further enlightenment, I refer readers to her at, where blow by blow updates continue.

I urge all to join us tonight at 8:30 PM EST on as I co host tonight to discuss this and other First Amendment horrors.

*Newspeak: In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, the fictional language Newspeak attempts to influence thought by influencing the expressiveness of the English language.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So Much Outrage...So Little Time

Where does one begin?! Spring has sprung, albeit without must *hope*, and each day brings a new affront...or three, or five, or eight.
As is so often the case, my reading day is filled with a goodly mixture of shock and awe--shock at the latest outrages perpetrated by the powers that are, contrary to the belief of so many as yet unenlightened Americans, so closely and deeply linked as to be terrifying, and AWE at the plethora of brilliant commentary and reporting I see daily, trekking obdurately and implacably across the vast trails of cyberspace, doing their vital job in service to America and its Constitution.
"Why the sad face, Liberty?" you ask. Well, our Lady has finally seen the worst of it: arriving in New York harbor in 1886 as a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States signifying universal symbol of freedom and democracy, our "Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" has been forced to stand witness to many atrocities, including the horrors of 911, but it was not until this past week that she faced the total [and perhaps] destruction of our dignity in the eyes of France and the World, perpetrated by The Usurper, when he dashed off his letter to Jacques Chirac, former President of France, expressing pleasure about the two would be working together in the next four years. Since it is absurd to assume that even THIS moronic fool of a puppet [or at the very LEAST one of his minions] would be so ignorant as to mistake a past president for a sitting one, one then must conclude that, indeed, the *gaffe* was not a gaffe at all, but rather, yet another an intended perpetration of rude hubris, designed with a specific purpose: that of alienating and antagonizing three of our greatest allies: Britain, Israel and now France. I will not give any more space to the vile affronts heaped upon Britain on Prime Minister Brown's most recent visit here, save refer to the truthisgold post some days past, but surely it cannot be mistaken that the Usurper's decision to give free plane tickets, living space and some $20 million dollars to relocating Hamas Palestinians cannot have engendered Israel's appreciation toward the U.S., and the Chirac letter--well, do the words, "over the top" ring a bell here?

I can think of no better way to express my conclusions from this triumvirate of terrors than to the words of Lame Cherry, wherein she states,
"These actions are deliberate by Mr. Obama to break the western alliance and supplant it with the central Europeans who started Obama's original Marxist dogma which he laps upon. This is why I'm not...amused at...Obama's [apparent cluelessness], but [rather, distressed] at Obama ['s] being deliberate. It is going to have horrendous terms for America and the rest of the world."

It would appear, indeed, that this is at least part of the plan, and we see exiled Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal hailing Obama's new approach in a March 22 Breitbart report.
One way to explain this horrific series of events is that, as many of us have long been asserting, [with documentation to substantiate] Timothy Geitner [and for the most part, the entire administration], is indeed tied into, up to his sorry neck, all manner of nefarious history, suspect individuals and anti American entities, which in his case includes the Ford Foundation, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, and The Group of 30, a self proclaimed "consultative group on international economic and monetairy affairs" among whose major contributors are AIG, Arab Bank, Sullivan & Cromwell, Soros Fund Management, Peoples' Bank of China, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Bank of NY, Lehman, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Citi, Barclays, Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development, Dubai Financial Services Authority,Central Bank of Chile, Banco Mexico and Banco I'Italia...among others.

Just sayin'...

On a far brighter note, The Dame Truth welcomes journalist and Middle East authority Eric Margolis tonight at 8 PM EST on Blogtalk Radio for a special appearance!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whooopsssssss...Slippery Slopes...AGAIN...

The House of Representatives sailed through HR1388 this Wednesday- without conscience or attention to consequence - in keeping with their voting record so far this year. A version of this
measure is now in the hands of the Senate. If passed into law, it will fulfill Obama/Axelrod's largest linchpin to take over our country and our society- by taking over our youth (and even attempt to lure in our needy senior citizens by "paying" them to co-operate.

More details on this looming danger-the greatest we have faced since Obama took over are revealed at Wake Up America movement website. COVERING UP THIS GIVE ACT IS THE REASON for all
the intentionally-timed commotion on AIG. What they stand to gain on this National Service Laws rewrite is far greater than anything they lose on temporary criticism for their AIG conduct! Among its other shockers it allows for a national Commission of AmeriCorp to create MANDATORY SERVICE - with virtually unlimited power - to be required all our children- to teach and disseminate Values of this adminstration's design!
AN URGENT PETITION to the SENATE - for the signature of you and your readership- is ready and waiting for everyone's signature. W.A.M. will send with all signers on Monday A.M. so do act fast!
(After signing this PETITION, you will gain immediate access to other ACTION TOOLS on this critical issue.)

This Letter to the Senate will briefly update you on what's really happening in D.C.
and give you an opportunity to make your voices heard immediately. WE MUST STOP THE
GIVE ACT- we can only do so by acting TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY!

LINK TO THE NO-G.I.V.E Petition -
where more details on this dreadful distortion of "National Service" are also located:

But all is not lost--we have a vast network of bloggers, chatters, writers and radio hosts committed to exposing the truth, reporting the news and sharing ideas for patriots to newtork. Join us tonight on Blogtalk Radio's "Kicking Back With Central Park" for a relaxing take on the week's doings, inspiring news about patriotism, Tea Parties, Birthers' work at and many others as Still4Hill, Doctorate and CP7 shoot the breeze and exchange information on the latest and greatest!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In a Nutshell

Problem: "A Thick Poisonous Orwellian Fog Descends on America."--annonymous

Facebook censors user for promoting "Obama Deception"

Or: Identifying Bait & Switch deflective tactics as practiced by the U.S. Government; as so wisely pointed out by Logistics Monster in today's latest post,

Time to empathize people; who is the actual culprit here? The AIG execs or The Fed that created the surplus money supply; the Clinton Administration that loosened the Community Reinvestment Act so that ACORN could strong arm banks into giving ninja loans, and the congress that shut down the Bush administration when they were trying to avert this catastrophe back in 2003?

Ladies and Gentlemen; this is just more of the divide and conquer mentality of our federal government which wants to pit American against American.

Are you going to fall for it again? and

Solution: "Honor is a concept widely derided and discarded today. But honor is really nothing more than your personal credit rating. It is a statement of your character, and like credit, honor has leverage. It can move large numbers of people: elevate them, raise their spirits and their expectations of themselves. Honor and Courage and Character are beacons in the darkness; they draw all manner of people toward their light. Most people want to be good, to be brave, to be useful. They just need to be shown the way sometimes. And the only way to create such beacons to light our path is to commit to becoming one yourself...Courage, character, honor – all the virtues – are derived and strengthened from interactions with the virtuous. Where though, today, can one go to find a community that values such things, whose cohesiveness is formed not from the same political party, skin color...or any of the rest, but rather solely by a determination to improve one’s own self and in doing so improving the common welfare?
Throughout history, civilizations rise and fall. They fall for the same reason, by my reading of history: the lack of will to defend her, a cancer which starts not from the bottom but invariably from the top... If you feel you see it happening now, before your very eyes, well… you are not alone. A society unwilling to enforce the laws that civilize it, that is unable or unwilling to see the advantages of civilization, a society led by the pampered, the narcissistic and the corrupt, is not long for this Earth. Our enemies look at us and see precisely these symptoms, and the symptons are worsening. Our unwillingness to retaliate when retaliation is called for – indeed, the uneasiness with the very idea of retaliation against betrayal – has them licking their lips in anticipation. They see all this decay and they are right to see it, for it is there.One thing they do not see, however – also there. They do not see the Remnant. They do not see the power and resilience of what the irreplaceable Victor Davis Hanson has referred to as “the Old Breed.” But there is something different... this time around. Because today, for the first time in human history, common people can communicate directly with one another. We are no longer dependent on spineless politicians and the jaded masters of the press to color our opinions of the world. For the first time in human history, the Remnant can reach out to each other on these gossamer threads of a world-wide web.I believe – utterly – that this ability for the common person to communicate with other common people, this internet, will allow us to end-run the cycle of civilization. I believe it in my bones.My friends, Western Civilization is not on its last legs. Western Civilization is going to the stars. Count on it.

Reposted courtesy of Bill Wittles, The Remnant ©2007 via courtesy of

Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and the Republic
for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.
--Daniel Webster

Here's freedom to him who would speak,Here's freedom to him who would write; For there's none ever feard that the truth should be heard, Save him whom the truth would indict! ----Robert Burns


Monday, March 16, 2009

Ride Against Tyranny and Oppression

Daily, we see pieces of our Constitution being eroded and trod upon. I recently received a link to a site called Target Freedom, which contains nearly twenty other links containing news about the many ills which have befallen our country and its people in recent times. Most notably, and most frighteningly, reports of law enforcement agencies being advised that citizens who display a knowledge of their rights, [who question violations of their Constitution, or otherwise dare to exercise their First Amendment rights by displaying signs, flags, bumper stickers or logos which "the government" does not like] are to be characterized as terrorists, racists, and other manner of fringe element law breakers.

One such example cited was the following, when a message was sent to Yahoo groups.
to numerous Yahoo groups, but it simply vanished. This is called being "black holed",
This is political censorship, disguised as spam filtering.
Oppression of expression is confession
If you want proof of censorship just click this link. Then copy and paste the page,
and see what happens if you try to post it in a Yahoo group from a Yahoo server:
Last Pillar of tyranny here now: Thought crime - criminalization of belief in Liberty

One would urge all who read this to go to the site and read it in its entirety, including all the links provided therein. This is not a joke and life is not a dress rehearsal. However, it does cause us to wonder sometimes if whether we spend our lives being groomed for a particular defining moment. As Paul Revere was meant to ride and spread the message wide[ly], so are we meant to do the same, on our fleet cyber horses, winged messengers of the 21st century, and from there, by word of mouth, into the streets and homes of our fellow Americans.

Tune in to "The Dame Truth" tonight at 8 PM EDST for more on this...and what to do about it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beware the Ides of March...American Patriotism Lives

On this 15th day of March in 44 B.C. , Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the senate house by a group of conspirators led by Cimber, Casca, Cassius, and Marcus Junius Brutus. A famous day in world history and memorialized in literature, two of the event's oft quoted phrases continue to permeate our speech today. "Beware the Ides of March," and "Et tu Brutus" remain as, respectively, a warning of great weight and an ultimate retort from one downed in defeat. Patriots all, one group decided Ceasar had gone too far and needed to be stopped.

Dr. Orly Taitz and Glenn Beck rocked our week on Friday the 13th with supreme acts of patriotism and courage. Like those Boston tea tossers and Roman senators, each has decided enough was enough, distinguishing themselves with mind blowing, gut wrenching, heart touching acts demonstrating to Americans and to the world that love of Country trumps all. They remind us by their actions that no sacrifice for their country is too great, especially in times like these, when so many transgressions against it and its Constitution are being perpetrated by so few, unbeknownst to so many.

Glenn Beck's The912 Project was nothing short of breathtaking, as the torrent of watchers flooded the site, shutting it down for many hours. Reminding us
who we are as Americans, what our priorities must be, and what we must do to preserve and protect the country we love, he and his guests touched our hearts with stories of love and caring for our country, families and friends.

Of particular note, and that with which I shall leave you this morning, is Dr. Orly Taitz's own account of her own
"Midnight Ride" from California to Idaho, to hear Chief Justice Roberts speak, and implore him to read the papers one of the SCOTUS clerks apparently refused to file and distribute in their entirety.
Contrary to the negative implications in an account by AP staff "reporter", Nicholas Geranios, Justice Roberts agreed to read the papers, which were accepted by one of Roberts's security people. Reading the scurrillous excuse for reporting filed by Geranios, which appeared, among other places, in the Seattlepi, blood and bile begin to rise as ignorance, derision and bias collaborate to discredit his entire piece. Having following this case and many others closely since their inception, I know that Geranios's account was such an inanity as to be laughable, while Taitz's passion, commitment and fortitude remain living testimony to the definition of an American patriot as much as the courage of our forefathers, our troops and our people. Cross posted below, with fervent thanks to Dr. Orly and her blog post is her account. Remember that this is the same Orly Taitz that drove 3 hours to stand in line for several more at a Scalia book signing in order to speak with him.
Et tu Brutus.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Revolution '09

You say you want a revolution well you's all right.*

Glenn Beck's Project 912 show yesterday evening at 5 PM EST [rebroadcast tonight at 9 PM EST on FNC] drew huge audiences nationwide. I received calls from as far south as Hawaii and as far north as Canada, and the flood of email alerts, blogs and sites announcing it brought so many people to that within minutes, the site shut down and as of 1 AM EST, remains closed with the 403 notice displayed, along with the ominous "Forbidden" message.


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80
We who know little of the inner workings of bandwidth, traffic and server capacities were left to wonder whether, like so many other examples of recently scrubbed, shut down and removed material, the Beck site was also suppressed. Many are wondering how, amidst so much suppression and propagandizing, Beck's show even manages to stay on the air. Only time will tell whether Apache is able to correct the problem or whether the White House On Air [WHOA] suppression team is at it again. Given their recent activity with Wickipedia, Youtube, Google and some of the social networking sites, it is hard not to at least wonder whether indeed, they decided to crash Beck's site as well. However, absent proof, it is folly to jump to conclusions, even though the temptation is there . While we must be vigilant and proactive within our rights and laws, there is no reason to succumb to paranoia and panic. We are a nation of some 300 Million people--for the most part, hard working, law abiding, Americans who all want basically the same things: honest government, honest work for honest pay, respect for our Constitution and Bill of Rights and those who wrote and ratified them. While it continues to look as though government no longer has our best interests at heart, most of us believe that we will not allow ourselves to fall victim to a series of despots, private banking cabals, corporate special interests and self serving public officials.

It is both interesting and heartening to see so many of us harkening back to the times of our War for Independence from the Crown, invoking words and wisdom of our forefathers and taking heart from their courage. Now more than ever we seek and find resolve and motivation from their writings and as we see people like Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, ACTIVE, websites like Logistics Monster, Notoriously Conservative, Insight Analytical and Atlas Shrugs, and the plethora of patriotic, passionate Americans, committed to preserving and protecting our nation, we know that that Revolution was not fought in vain, and we shall continue to carry forward both word and deed of our forbears as we stand up for our Constitution. As some highly committed friends say, "Bring all the Clans together..." and take a minute to read and reflect some of words of the Truly Great:
I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson
That to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical
Thomas Jefferson

*Lennon/McCartney 1968

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

UPDATE: Discouraging Words, the 1st Amendment & YOU

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Wiki episode started two days ago, when Aaron Klein reported in WorldNet Daily that Obama's Wikipedia page was being scrubbed of criticism.
The article was picked up by Fox News, the London Telegraph and was linked on Drudge.

Mr. Klein's article noted that Worldnet Daily monitored Obama's Wikipedia page for one month and observed as criticism on all kinds of issues (Ayers, Wright, etc.) was scrubbed. [NOTE: This can easily be confirmed independently by simply going through the tens of thousands of attempted edits to Obama's Wikipedia page and seeing how a large number of critical edits are erased, including edits seemingly backed up with third-party media references, which, as previously noted, are requisite for Wiki posts].

Further, WND published a follow-up the next day, noting that many users were still being blocked from attempting to add key issues to Obama's Wikipedia page and other pages, quoting some users. See here. Indeed, WND has been flooded the past two days with e-mails from readers with their own "Wikipedia stories" of how they were barred from entering what they claim is legitimate, well-substantiated criticism on Obama's Wikipedia page.
Mr. Klein's article also referenced one user who attempted to add backed-up material to Obama's Wiki page on Wright, Ayers, and even eligibility issues. That user's edits were erased within 2 minutes and he was barred from editing again on Wikipedia for 3 days.

After Mr. Klein received a query about that one user, asking whether it was he, he updated the article to reflect that indeed it was his researcher. He wanted to personally oversee whether indeed criticism of Obama was being deleted. He was investigating scores of claims he had received via email that Obama's Wikipedia page was being scrubbed of criticism.

Next, a fulltime anti-WND blogger named Terry Krepel, who also works for George Soros-backed Media Matters, put his spin on Klein's scoop, suggesting that Klein was the Wikipedian in question. A few pro-Obama blogs yesterday seized on his one edit to falsely claim that Klein had "manufactured controversy." Their spin was based upon his one test edit and tries to suggest that the article was manufactured due to Klein's one edit being rejected at Wikipedia. In other words, they tried to claim that Klein tried once to add something to Obama's Wiki entry, was blocked and then based his entire article of "scrubbing" on that one blocked edit, as if the edit had not been investigating pre-existing claims of scrubbing; as if Klein had not documented how he had observed Obama's Wikipedia page for one month and watched all sorts of things scrubbed. As if one cannot verify all of this by simply browsing the history of Obama's page to see how literally TENS of thousands of edits were scrubbed of controversy and how until Klein
wrote on the issue, Ayers and Wright weren't even mentioned on Obama's page.

It is also necessary to point out that after he wrote the story, Klein received the largest volume of email ever sent to him for a single story, most of which related personal tales of having the writers' edits scrubbed from Obama's page. In other words, nothing was manufactured by Mr. Klein. But wait--there's more!

Next, the Sydney Morning Herald joined the fray with a false story. Klein is now getting calls from pro-Obama reporters, all asking about this non-story--all because he DARED to write something negative about Obama and report the incredible propaganda machine that works 24/7 to suppress facts about this man. Klein first broke the story at WND about Ayers' and Rashid Khalidi's ties to Obama. It was also stated in an interview with radio host John Batchelor and Klein that Hamas infamously "endorsed" Obama, with Hamas' comments to Klein becoming a major theme in a presidential debate.

Below is Klein's retraction demand to the Herald (just submitted) which best summarizes the issue:
Mr. Moses:
I demand an immediate retraction of your Wikipedia article today, which is defamatory and libelous. You stated, "A right-wing pundit has been caught red-handed manufacturing controversy after claiming US President Barack Obama's Wikipedia page was being whitewashed."
This is entirely false. You should refrain from obtaining information from pro-Obama blogs without doing your own research. It is accurate that one out of many edits were monitored by me -- I wanted to personally oversee whether indeed criticism of Obama was being deleted. I was investigating scores of claims that Obama's Wikipedia page was being scrubbed of criticism. For your information, often investigative journalists engage in exactly this kind of testing, like seeing if they can bypass mandatory disclosures while donating to a candidate (several newspapers did this prior to the November election), or if they can register a dog to vote in Illinois. Thus, even if I had personally edited Obama's page as a test to investigate allegations of scrubbing, this is entirely legitimate journalistic practice. A few pro-Obama blogs yesterday seized on my one edit to claim I manufactured controversy.

Second and more importantly, your article is entirely misleading and false; it claims I "Manufactured" controversy"; it paints a picture that my piece from was reliant simply upon "Jerusalem21" being barred from entering information on Wikipedia that is critical of Obama, suggesting the controversy was both "invented" and based on that one account. But my article from yesterday notes that "multiple times, Wikipedia users who wrote about the eligibility issues had their entries deleted almost immediately." The article further notes that WND monitored Obama's Wikipedia page for one month and observed as criticism on all kinds of issues (Ayers, Wright, etc) was scrubbed. This can easily be confirmed independently by simply going through the tens of thousands of attempted edits to Obama's Wikipedia page and seeing how a large number of critical edits are erased, including edits seemingly backed up with third-party media references. Further, World Net Daily published a follow-up today noting many users were still being blocked from attempting to add key issues to Obama's Wikipedia page and other pages, quoting some users. See: Indeed, WND has been flooded the past two days with e-mails from readers with their own "Wikipedia stories" of how they were barred from entering what they claim is legitimate, backed-up criticism on Obama's Wikipedia page.
The claim that I invented controversy that wasn't there must be removed, updated with correct information and retracted.

You further falsely state that I "appeared on Fox News airing the claims." I did not appear on Fox News airing the claims and this must be retracted.
My article from yesterday noted what is clearly a major trend at Wikipedia and is a very legitimate piece. I demand your article be immediately retracted.

Aaron Klein
Jerusalem Bureau Chief

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where Never is Heard a Discouraging Word...Especially from Wiki

Suddenly it's everywhere--scrubbing bubbles of activity, hurtling through cyberspace, busily and frantically on the lookout for anything that might possibly smack of a Discouraging Word. The Google Twins & Sparkle Plenty led the charge last year during the *sudden* emergence of a usurper with NO traceable history between the ages of 10 and 47. Main scream media colluded and collided with Those Who Would Dare To Seek and Report Truth, and, since then, nary a word can be found containing any but the most mellifluous of fairy tales regarding the current Resident of the White House. And, the model continues, with the exception of a few brave and true folks that work to seek and share the truth, most notably, Logistics Monster, who appeared with us live on last night's "Constitutional Radio" with drkate and me. As always, a great kudos and many thanks to her for all the brilliant work she does to help us supplant Those Who Would Attempt to Suppress All Truth, which leads us to today's topic.

With the help of countless, witless official pronouncements from, among others, a judge, a congressperson and other sundry souls, we are told that Twitter has decided the eligibility issue [Judge Robertson, brainfree zone extraordinaire], Snopes dot com, a left leaning husband and wife team working from a basement office has decided the eligibility issue according to Arizona's Sen. Jon Kyle-R; and, last but sadly not least, Senator Mel Martinez assures us that the voters have decided the eligibility issue, contrary to any mandates of our silly old, outdated Constitution. Is it any wonder that the movement to fire the entire Congress enjoys huge gains daily??

Between the fact that few, if any Americans [including, worst of all, apparently, most of Congress, judging by the mountain of inane, insane, erroneous replies to concerned constituents] these days have even the remotest idea as to what the Constitution says OR what it means, and the fact that there is clearly an all out attempt to eradicate any relevant facts about the Usurper or anyone else deemed to have messy, inexplicable gaps or otherwise nefarious acts in their history, it is a miracle that anyone has any information at all. And THAT is precisely the objective of Those Who Would Presume to Rule. If an informed electorate is requisite for a Democratic Republic to function effectively, what better way to thwart it than remove all information? The latest of these Thousand little Coups, as I call them, finds us at the site of Wikipedia, the latest of the "information arbiters" to fall under the auspices of the Obama Cleansing Machine. [Factcheck, Snopes and others have long since been exposed as Obama apologists].

As is required on that online encyclopedia, entries are to be substantiated by third-party media articles. One piece about the question of Obama's eligibility cited the Chicago Tribune and The entry was posted on Feb. 24, at 6:16 p.m. EST. Just three minutes later, it was removed by a Wikipedia administrator, claiming the posting violated the websites rules against "fringe" material. When the user tried to repost the entry a second time, another administrator removed it within minutes, banning the them from posting for three days.

Angela Beesley Starling, a Wikipedia spokesperson, explained to WND that all the website's encyclopedia content is monitored by users. She said the administrators who deleted the entries are volunteers.

"Administrators," Starling said, "are simply people who are trusted by the other community members to have access to some extra tools that allow them to delete pages and perform other tasks that help the encyclopedia. Wikipedia, the seventh most trafficked website on the Internet, maintains content monitored by users.

According to Worldnet Daily, a Google search for the words "Barack Obama" brings up the president's Wikipedia page in the top four choices, following two links to Obama's official websites. The entire Wikipedia entry on Obama seems to be heavily promotional toward the U.S. president. It contains nearly no criticism or controversy, including appropriate mention of important issues where relevant. The Wikipedia entry about former President George W. Bush, by contrast, is highly critical, mentioning his history of alcohol abuse, and questions of possible insider trading involving Harken.

And so it goes...but the Internet moves on, oblivious to these blatant, foolish attempts to violate our First Amendment Rights. *They* may have thought that Goebels's, Alinsky's and other models of fact suppression would work as they once did. They were wrong, however, for now we have the Internet--a wild, wild West of a thing, sprawling far beyond anyone's capacity to shut it down, suppress facts or control its usage. We can read, write and hear as many Discouraging Words as we please, thank you very much, and through those words, begin to decipher the facts about what is being perpetrated upon the American people and by whom...all the better to rectify! The tumbrils roll...


"We're Surrounded...That Simplifies Our Problem."

Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, the most decorated Marine in history, spoke these words. His ability to simplify, reduce and articulate even the direst of situations into a workable solution is a power of example to all who now suffer the daily onslaught of shock, fear, disbelief, outrage and confusion wrought by American political and economic events of the last year. It is not enough to say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." We need to know WHERE to go, and how; and what to do when we get there. We need to know how to harness our rage and indignation--you know, the kind of choleric, redfaced rage that sends steam from the ears, flames from the mouth, and sets off screeching red strobe lights behind the eyes...the kind that pumps cortisol into the bloodstream so fast that the heart takes on a life of its own, and the lungs do doubletime through flaring nostrils...the kind of rage that is fueled only by terrible fear and terrible injustice. Well, as General Puller said...this simplifies our problem. Acceptance is half the battle--and Action the other. Knowledge of the terrain, native population, resources and, most of all, one's opponent is crucial. Realizing that main stream media is neither a friend nor a resource in any positive way, and accepting the fact that hundreds of thousands if not millions of pleas to congress have fallen on deaf ears, we must learn to be our own source of information and supply. We must support and attend Tea Parties, join proactive groups like American Patriot, ACTIVE, We The People and WAM, learn how to prepare and plan for emergencies and find ways to remain centered above the fray of fear, rage and feelings of helplessness. For WE ARE AMERICANS: We have lived through winters at Valley Forge, stormed enemy strongholds considered impossible to breach, and sacrificed to keep our Constitution, our Freedoms and our Country intact. In the words of Ken Kesey, who wrote "Sometimes a Great Notion," "Never Give a Inch."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Out of Our Seats and Into The Streets!

The time is now--freedom isn't free. Last night's 90 minutes on "Kickin' Back With Central Park" went fast with Pat Dollard speaking on action in service of our country and reminding us of the many things we can all do to preserve and protect our Constitution and the rights it guarantees. It is refreshing to hear people speak of accountability and action, responsibility and reaction and gives us promise of a bright future despite the dark clouds we now face. I have often spoken of my faith in the American People, of their independent resolve and wish to live free; of their courage and patriotism; and my belief in our system of government and the strength of our people has never wavered despite the recent emergence of some of the greatest challanges in our history.

To be better prepared, informed and active for our country's hour of need, listen to Pat Dollard Sundays at 5 PM EDST and read and save drkate's latest whitepaper on Texas Darlin's blog and don't forget to join us at "The Dame Truth" on Mondays at 8 PM EDST and at "Constitutional Radio" on Tuesdays at 10 PM EDST. Forewarned is Forearmed, and we've all got to get out of our seats and into the streets!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

To Our Friends Across the Pond

Prime Minister Brown, and all our British friends, please accept our most humble apologies for the most rude, crude, sophomoric, undignified, mindless and pathetic performance of bad behavior that has ever darkened the door of our White House by the Usurper and his partner in crime. We offer our heartfelt condolences at what you and your countrymen suffered at the hands of these cretins and hope that you understand that we neither put them there, nor supported the clueless rudeness to which you and your lovely family were subjected during your recent visit to the U.S.

Outraged Americans have joined a Facebook group dedicated to an attempt to demonstrate our mortification about how your were treated, and Andrea Shea King has emailed and called your consulate expressing her dismay as well. I invite everyone to join in our efforts to extend our apologies to PM Brown, his family and the British people by contacting the British Consulate [click here for contact info] or go to and joining the Facebook group.

The Patriot Room has posted a complete story, as have Logistics Monster and Andrea Shea King, among others. This is a sad day for our country, who has remained as friends and allies for nearly 200 years. As we fought together to save the world from Nazism, we shall we continue to fight together to preserve and protect both nations from all forces of destruction, wherever they may be.

Join us tonight at 11 PM EST for another edition of "Kicking Back With Central Park" as we welcome our guest, Pat Dollard, founder of ACTIVE PAC!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The News *THEY* Do Not Report

Just a quick note--from Logistics Monster comes the Real News: civil unrest at the Tex-Mex border goes unreported save foreign coverage. See the videos. They're real.

We Are NOT Overcome...

Take heart, Patriots! It has indeed been a beautiful week in the Land of the Wobegone as coalitions of concerned Americans continue to build, grow and take to the internet grapevine and the streets.
reinforces my belief that a significant number of Americans now get their news and information from online sources, thus giving lie to those who would pretend otherwise. The days of "if it's not on TV it isn't true" are, thankfully, long gone as people have seen the quality of main stream media deteriorate to the point of absurdity. News suppression, superficial and biased reporting and inane sound bites have contributed significantly to the loss of viewers, especially over the last year, with many either boycotting TV completely or curtailing their viewing habits considerably, as the number of Americans with access to now reasonably priced access to computers soars.
Online News Sources Seen As Reliable As Local Papers
Fifty-two percent (52%) of Americans say they go online and use the Internet every day or nearly every day, and most of those adults now find online reporting comparable to that in their local newspaper. Seventy-four percent (74%) of these daily Internet users say that reporting from web sources is at least somewhat reliable while 69% say the same about local newspaper reporting.

Even as googletwins' suppression efforts escalate in exchange for appointment as *media czars*, internet communication grows ever stronger, daily connection untold millions in intricate, far reaching grapevines of information dissemination about what is really happening in our world, and what people are doing about it. We are no longer susceptible to olden days' tactics of media control, news suppression and fear mongering as practiced by Goebbels's Germany, Kruschev's USSR or Alinsky-Cloward/Pivens adherents to the nefarious practice of "getting in their faces" [ring a bell, anyone?] with manufactured chaos. Despite endless mantras invoking the word, "Crisis," those who would seek to destroy us have little hope of success these days, thanks to our ability to seek and FIND the truth about what's going on, not only today, but yesterday and perhaps even tomorrow.

We are Americans, one and all, and we are NOT afraid. We know our rights. We love our Country and its Constitution. We love and support the bravery and commitment of our troops, and we are not going to stand idly by like so many brainless goats waiting for slaughter. Live streaming radio abounds, bloggers and commentators not only REPORT the news, but actively seek to empower and engage the people in positive, organized action. Witness the skyrocketing growth and success of the Tea Party Movement, covered tirelessly and generously by Michelle Malkin, TCOT, Don't Go Movement, Smart Girl Politics, Tax Day Tea Party and a host of others. In a matter of two days, Tax Day Tea Party had 11,000 visitors; Eric Odom and his guests Michael Patrick Leahy, Michelle Malkin and Terri Christoph's BTR show airs daily at 5 and nearly 50 cities have joined the movement for Tea Parties on April 15, July 4, Sept. 11 and election day. St. Louis' Dana Radio is involved with sponsorship along with Smart Real Politics and Instapundit.The Patriotic Resistance, We The People and countless others grow ever larger and stronger to stand up for our country and its Constitution. In support of our military, Pat Dollard has formed a PAC called ACTIVE, which stands for "The American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front with BTR shows weeknights at 11 EST.

The long and short of it is that we are AMERICANS--that hearty bunch of spirited, independent folk who have risked all time and again to stand up to tyranny and so we are once again joining together to protect this life and land we all hold dear. We're growing. Watch and 'em and's Tea Time in America once again!

P.S. As our forefathers smile down upon us, check out this terrific link to FREE online videos of a Constitutional course taught by Michael Badnarik. it's something we should know by now, but it's never too late to learn what we stand for.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Get ACTIVE on "The Dame Truth"...and Never Forget the Facts

Lest anyone forget exactly what the current administration's promise to send 17,000 American troops into Afghanistan in the same speech as he speaks of Iraq draw down and 1% pay raises, it is vital to remember just what Afghanistan means: Real Clear Politics' Steve Chapman reminds us that

"Some countries exist for no apparent reason, but not Afghanistan. Its function in the world has long been clear: to show great pors the limits of their power.First it was the British, who in 1842, at the height of empire, were defeated and expelled. The Soviets invaded in 1979, only to encounter a fierce insurgency that forced their withdrawal. Now it's America's turn to marvel at Afghanistan's immunity to outside control.Afghanistan was once among our sterling military successes -- a war, predicted by skeptics to be a certain quagmire, that produced a swift and stunning victory. The triumph came in 2001, in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks mounted by al-Qaida, which had enjoyed a safe haven in this corner of South Asia.

But that was a long time ago, and the longer we stay, the worse things get. 2007, the deadliest year of the war for the American military, gave way to an even bloodier year 2008. Extremist attacks are on the rise, and the Taliban now has "a permanent presence in 72 percent of Afghanistan, up from 54 percent a year ago," says a report by the International Council on Security and Development.Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has predicted things will get worse this year. President Hamid Karzai's government is widely seen as weak and corrupt. And, not least important, Osama bin Laden is still [considered] at large and issuing taped calls for jihad.

Michael Yon, in his inimitable brilliance, tells us with detailed reports and incredible photos--six months before February 26th's Camp Le Jeune speech-- just where our troops are heading in his October 13, 2008 piece, "The Road to Hell." Having had unsatisfactory results embedding in American troops via main stream media, Michael self propelled into Afghanistan last fall on his own with two guides to cover much ground. What he learned should be well remembered. Today's Washington Post resonates his caveats in Pamela Constable's
"Tactical Success, Strategic Defeat": Afghan Outrage at U.S. Raid Highlights Challenges Facing New Military Push.

It seems almost as though, rather than reinstitute the Dreaded Draft, the government is working overtime [ LEAST they're working at SOMETHING--I mean BESIDES plundering the Treasury and the American People] to devise ways in which to sneak laws of compulsory service past us under the guise of 'civilian' works. Atheonews explains some of the plans at

And that's not even counting the ravages being perpetrated upon our economy at home!

And so the challenges continue both at home and abroad. Countless groups and coalitions have formed and grown stronger as increasing numbers of Americans rise up in rage at what their once trusted government has been perpetrating against them, their values, and their sense of justice and love of country.

Tonight, however, brings a special brand of patriot to the forefront in the person of Pat Dollard, former Hollywood talent agent turned film maker in his mission to report the truth about Iraq and our troops there. His courage is unprecedented, as, twice wounded, he stuck with the Marines he was covering, earning their undying respect for the job he did. He continues his journey in activism as he talks about the formation of his latest initiative, a PAC entitled ACTIVE, which stands for the American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front. We hope you'll join us at "The Dame Truth" tonight at 11 PM EST on for an enlightening, inspiring visit with a true American hero.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sunday Buzz: Tea Parties Abound!

March 2009 burst forth this morning, grayly sombre, as befits the news on the home front. He Who Would Pretend To Lead spoke at Camp Le June, NC on Thursday, refusing to appear on stage until after the National Anthem and Invocation prayer had been completed, and spoke of raising troops' pay, draw down of American troops in Iraq, and buildup starting with 17,000, 10,000 of them Marines, in Afghanistan over coming months--all in the same speech. Troops interviewed post speech were strictly coached to keep the focus on themselves and their own opinions and refrain from attributing anything they had heard with the words, "Mr. Obama said...."

In the meantime, however, our country continues to stumble as it struggles, in shocked stupor, reeling from the blows smote upon it from the current resident of the White House in the face of the passing of unread HR1 and all its hidden earmarks. But, lest one doubt the resolve, intelligence and inventiveness of the American People, I remind you all that we are a hearty bunch, independent in nature, loving of country, family and friends, and have been known worldwide as a stalwart nation of committed patriots whose courage to fight for their country never wanes until victory is won. From the Boston Tea Party to the American Declaration of Independence, Wars of Revolution and of 1812, our Marines fighting their way up Iwo Jima, that a crucial airfield exist for long Pacific sorties, to Vietnam, won many times over with the courage of our troops, and the wars of the Middle East, we who call ourselves Americans never give up when the going gets tough, and never since our Revolution has it been more tough than it is now, in these United States.

Suffice to say, without reiteration, that these are truly the times that try our souls. For the first time since the mid 19th century, many states are asserting their individual sovereignty and rights under the 10th Amendment, while it is rumored that moves are being considered in Congress to block those very rights before more of them form resolutions. Our nation's people have suffered insult upon injury as their representatives in Congress meet their pleas with derision, dead ears or disinformation. And, is if that weren't enough, there are whispered though as yet unconfirmed rumors of secret agreements by our government to grant eminent domain as collateral to China for its debts, no longer payable. With the secretively passed Global Poverty Act, this administration as quadrupled our foreign aid while those at home lose jobs, homes and health care. Loving families can no longer keep their animals and must put them up for adoption and there is talk of Sharia law knocking at our doors as a man beheads his wife because she sued for divorce from his violence. Our Constitution continues to be breached and trampled as greedy civil servants forget their places and feed hungrily at the trough of money and power.

These are but few of the ills we suffer now, with no end in sight, and so, as always, the American Spirit of strengh and courage, and its sense of fairness and justice rise up once again to protect our country, its Constitution and its way of life.

In the words of "Network's" famously outraged Howard Beale, "WE'RE MAD AS HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Americans have come together to stand up for themselves and their country and stand up to those who created this sad state of affairs, to wit:

Americans throw more than 40 tea parties
Citizens answer Rick Santelli's call, unite for nationwide protest

The list of nationwide participants in this glorious movement grows daily and, in addition to the more than 40 tea party events across the nation occurring in the last week of February, more and bigger are in the planning stage now, notably July 4th and September 11-14, 2009. Official sponsors of the events include Top Conservatives on Twitter, Smart Girl Politics, Don'tGo Movement, FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity. I close with links to reports and photos from yestday's Manhattan Tea Party at City Hall Park from Bermanpost at wherein excellent commentary and advice can be found. Also, see yesterday's truthisgold post in which Michelle Malkin's blog and reports can be linked, and today's Logistics Monster, our vanguard in courage, knowledge and wisdom. In future I shall continue to report Tea party updates as we guide and support one another through our greatest constitutional challenge to date.

Free Republic offers up to date, ongoing coverage and scheduling reports on Tea Parties across the Nation at

For direct link to NY photos, click here.