Friday, August 1, 2008

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The heat of the summer of 2008 has been nothing compared to that which has befallen the Democratic National Committee in the wake of their decision to disenfranchise millions of voters in Florida and MIchigan. I read with interest, amusement and chagrin as mainstream media, both broadcast and print, attempted to downplay, deride and defuse Hillary supports by calling them fanatics, sore losers and wackos. However, as history has proven, it is always unwise to underestimate both the outrage and the determination of a disenfranchised people. Time and again, the disenfranchised have risen up to get their story told and gain representation, and time and again they have succeeded.

Craig Della Penna’s Heraclitis summarizes the current political climate in the Democratic Party and makes an excellent argument for the formation of a third one in light of the DNC's decision to disenfranchise and alienate 18 Million voters.

Not Now Not Ever

The story is not over by a long shot–over past weeks I have listened to people from all walks of life–from people who live in the street to those who clean it to those who it, figurative speaking–and the prevalent view is that they will not stand by and let their own party disenfranchise them by arbitrary rules and back room deals. These people are not going to just “get in line” or go away. They are going to make themselves heard and they are committed to taking action for the future of their country, their families and their party...many are committed to leaving that party when they feel it no longer represents them. They will not accept a candidate whom they do not trust represent them. Overnight, after the May 31 RBC meeting in Washington, DC disenfranchised millions of its own voters, dozens of sites have sprang up, forming a coalition of PUMAs. With thousands of members and more joining every day, We are indeed a force to be reckoned with, and a force that refuses to have its vote stolen by insider party politics.

The outcome remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the story is NOT over!


  1. I can safely say that Barack Obama is a Marxist allied with a domestic terrorist, Islamists, and other radical leftists for at least the last 21 years on project after project with the purpose of subverting the United States. With a massive influx of money from Islamist and radical left sources, voter fraud, and a biased press; they're on the verge of succeeding.

    This unrepentant domestic terrorist, as head of the Weather Underground, was planning to kill 25 million Americans who couldn't be 'reeducated'.

    I'm a Vietnam veteran who after watching the DVD 'Obsession' about Islamic terrorism and reading Brigitte Gabriel's book 'Because They Hate' decided to find out what I could about Barack Obama. It has me truly concerned for this nation that I love. You can see a lot more about Obama and his allies on my blog at

    For me the most important article I found to understand Barack Obama is at

  2. Bill, hello and many thanks for your most salient comments. I shared a similar experience with respect to learning about the real Barack--in fact, it was people of color who first made me aware that he was not who he claimed to be--and from there, the results of my own DD has continued to alarm me. It is for this reason that I, like so many who love this country and its people, keep fighting for its life.

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  3. I enjoyed your Blogspot very much! I am sorry it took me so long to get here. I am still catching up from the election. Please keep up the fight and the good work! We will never give up! Always fight for the truth! Rebekah C./tutoress/Youtube