Thursday, December 4, 2008

Patriotism + Passion = New Nation

Most of us grew up learning about the birth of our nation in school--brave words and deeds from passionate patriots so committed to their beliefs that they risked their lives and their property to declare independence from British rule and form a new nation, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. [Declaration of Independence, T. Jefferson, 1776 ] Of course, as we have evolved, women and people of all colors and creeds have come to be included in that phrase of equal protection, and women like Betsy Ross, Dolly Madison, Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul have taken their place along with the founding fathers in our history.

The combination of patriotism and passion has always been forged in fire and, like the ever-enduring phoenix, rises again and again in times of trial to build a new nation or restore an old one.

The events of the last several years, culminating in the election of 2008 and the financial meltdown have taken a severe toll on our once proud nation but have also awakened the inherent patriotism and love of country in many Americans and they have come together to work for shared goals despite differences in ideology, party affiliation, religion, race, creed or social origin. For that is true patriotism: for the love of one's country to supercede all else, and make one willing to sacrifice to preserve and protect the laws, rights and constitution of the country one loves.

We await tomorrow's conference at the United States Supreme Court with baited breath--rarely, if ever, has the fate of our nation hung so much in the balance, with a constitutional crisis of such magnitude just inches from our heels. Tomorrow a vigil will be held on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court as our nation waits and prays that those within will muster the courage and conviction to uphold the sacred tenets of our Constitution. These are indeed the times that try all of our souls, and raise the strength within us all to fight for our country and its nation of laws.

Rarely have we seen our country so besieged--not since the American Revolution have so many had their consciousness raised in such a way as to energize them to come to the aid of their country. But having been thus called, the Movement for the Love of Country continues to grow, and the goals for which we all work will again be realized.


  1. I saw a reference somewhere that this vigil is "pathetic."

    Sigh. Being a concerned, informed citizen is now..pathetic.

  2. Insight, not at all. I find it rather pathetic that anyone would be so ignorant as to be unaware that we are facing one of the worst consitutional crises in our history, and would be so lacking in compass as to suggest that supporting our constitution is anything but patriotic, brave and committed.

    Being an informed, concerned citizen is patriotic...and intelligent. It is only those completely lacking in those blessed qualities who would make such an inane statement.

    One way or the other, I am glad you're in this fight with us...we shall continue to be informed, to observe our nation's laws and principles, and to fight for that in which we believe. Thank you for being who you are and being with us!