Saturday, May 23, 2009

In Memoriam

Greetings to all today as we begin our "Official" Memorial Day weekend in memory of our fallen heroes. Today is also the birthday of W.R. Connor, USMC, 1/12, Whiskey Company, who served in and around Chu Lai and DaNang '65-'66. He passed from this world as a result of his service there, from agent orange complications, many years after returning home. RIP Connor, and all our brave heroes who gave their lives for our country. You performed your duty as a radioman proudly and well.


  1. Has anyone constructed a video site that is a continuously running memorial tribute to everyone who has died in war? A photo, a five second pause with the name below the phot, then dissolve to the next photo, unending?

  2. Alessandro, I do not know of any such site but it's a great idea.