Friday, November 14, 2008

Berg v. Obama: Union, Justice & the Blessings of Liberty Ordained

Today I must pay tribute to drkate and her well framed, beautifully written No Quarter article. We have suddenly found ourselves at a place that we not only never expected, but didn't even know existed: the extreme, chillingly frightening HUBRIS of an individual and his promoters have almost succeeded in not only violating the tenets of the most hallowed document in our history, but, worst yet, keeping it from the American people to such an extent that, when the issue is raised, the messenger is either dismissed as insane or labeled a racist.

The very idea that such an outrage could even occur is disturbing; the fact that the plan got this far without being reported is bone chilling.

This case is historic--the United States Supreme Court has granted certiori. The decision to grant certiorari is solely at the discretion of the justices. This, in itself, is monumental: Of the approximately five thousand cases a year for which review by the Supreme Court is sought, fewer than 5 percent are granted certiorari. Clearly, and especially after their last involvement in a presidential election, [in which the Opinion stated that their 2000 decision was in no way intended to set precedent for future involvement in election decision]the Court has been reluctant to hear such issues. Even more interesting is that the writ was granted by none other than Justice David Souter [one of the dissenters in the 2000 case, and the one who suffered the most: he nearly resigned over it]. That in itself speaks volumes.

Never in our history has a Pretender risen so fast from a such a vastly steaming, swirling pile of mist, completely unknown, undetected, and unrepentant. And yet--not one "news" outlet has even reported it! Tass, Pravda and the Geobbels propaganda machine have nothing on the American media. The chronic propagandizing and cover up as they assisted his assent has been, in itself, mind numbing.

And so, we who have awakened from the hopium hangover, and we who never imbibed are compelled to seek, find and speak the truth as never before. I thank everyone who is willing to take a stand and fight for our country and our Constitution and I am moved to my core with the vast numbers of New Patriots that join our ranks every day.

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