Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SOS: Picking up the Pieces and Moving Forward

Many of us have suffered the wrath of friends and family who blindly supported the most corrupt, childish, unintelligent and, yes, evil party in the history of our country. The jeopardy in which our country and its people have found themselves has interested none of these people one whit. The bias, lies, cheating, thuggery, intimidation tactics and blatantly illegal acts interested almost no one save the PUMAs.

We have stepped back from some relationships, realizing that they are not of the type that will withstand the test of time and differing opinion. It has saddened me, but much more saddening and frightening have been the realization that we, at least for the moment, have lost our system of democracy through DNC collusion, illegal acts, voting fraud, and media bias.

What has heartened me and helped me continue my work in the Movement of Reform has been the incredibly high number of wonderfully committed, hard working, brilliant people who share our mutual concern and love for our country, its people and our Constitution. It was an SOS of another kind that brought us all together and continued to help us sustain one another in the frazzled, frantic months of the campaign. So, one door closes...another one opens...a few go out that first door...and many many more enter the second. It is with those kindred spirits that I have now cast my lot. My thanks to all who have entered and my sympathy for all who have left.

And so, another SOS: Hillary Clinton has been offered, and, purportedly accepted the cabinet position of Secretary of State. Much has been said about this issue; there are many opinions. Some say that Hillary should not be accountable to Obama, that she should let him sink in his own stew and stay in the Senate. Being a New Yorker, I would be only too happy to have her continue to represent me in Washington, but in view of Reid, Pelosi and their minions, who openly loathe her and with whom she must try to work, she would be far better served [and so would the American people] to serve as Secretary of State where she would outrank them and be able to put her vast diplomatic currency to work to repair our faltering image in the eyes of the world. Say what you will about the Clintons, but the World loves them for their humanity, their service and caring and their love of humankind.

There are those who would prefer to see her in Congress because the joint efforts of the nonpartisan, moderate Clinton- McCain team would form a formidable and productive force. There are those who felt she should have given them all the back of her hand and refused to work for the Democratic party at all. But Hillary is a grown up in every sense of the word: she knows how to put personal differences aside; she knows how to scale obstacles, take the long view and bide her time. She has information that few, if any of us have about the big picture, and she is one of the most politically astute people of her time, if not in our entire history.

Ultimately, Hillary Clinton is the only one with sufficient information and insight to be able to make an educated decision about whether to accept the post of Secretary of State. She is over 21 and perfectly capable of making that decision without our help. If she wanted it, she would ask for it. Until that time, we must accept the fact that this is her call, and trust in her to make the best decision for all of us, for she is, above all, a brilliant and dedicated public servant.


  1. Great article, Truth is Gold!

    Thank you stating the sad and chilling reality with which we are forced to reckon. A year ago we had no inkling such a destructive juggernaut was headed towards our Party or us.

    Yes, Hillary has the big picture and the little picture and a view of pictures into what is going on behind the scenes we can only speculate about.

    I trust her but not the jackals with whom she has to negotiate. SoS should be a piece of cake compared to the current Dem. Party.


  2. Free, Thank YOU--and wise words! I agree that anything is better than working with the NeoDems.