Monday, November 3, 2008

These are the Times That Try Men's Souls

To borrow a phrase from the inimitable Thomas Paine, I propound a few thoughts for election eve. There are few things more stimulating than exercising the rights and privileges of American citizenship, especially in the current election cycle, where, in many places, thanks to ACORN etal, our voting rights have been threatened ,corrupted, and even negated in some areas. Thanks to the tireless efforts of thousands of incredibly brave American patriots, PUMAS, and members of both parties who care so deeply about our Constitution and Democratic System of government, we sit at the brink of another very close race. However it is not just the closeness of the race that is significant this time: We are facing a crossroads from which we may never recover unless we choose the candidate with both the longterm experience and solid track record necessary to lead us out of the dark woods of confusion into the light of the principles in which our forefathers so strongly believed and for which they so bravely fought.

Volunteers in the thousands have continued to pour into Pennsylvania--Scranton, Allentown, Philladelphia, Wilkes Barre, Pittsburgh, Bucks County and beyond. The energy is intense and positive as they work feverishly to get out the vote. You are all in our prayers and medidations of gratitude for all of the efforts exerted for our beloved country.

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