Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting The Word Out!

This has been a Week! With much of it having been devoted to birthing the website for "The Dame Truth" and developing its debut with my cohost, Patriot Rose, which airs this and future Mondays at 11 PM EST, this week came and went faster than the speed of light, which, incidentally, has been gracing us with its presence a bit longer each day, a sure harbinger that a long awaited Spring can't be far behind--exactly a month from today, in fact! A time of redemption, regrouping and new growth, I'm already seeing a Movement that has taken a deep breath, gotten its second wind, and is gearing itself up for the year ahead with many plans and projects.

Meanwhile, from Home Base, a reminder to tune in tonight at 11 PM EST for a special edition of "Kicking Back With Central Park" as we welcome cyberspace's foremost researcher/blogger, Diamond Tiger of Logistics Monster to share her experience with intelligence gathering and visitation by large numbers of huge entities both public and private. Her story is one of brilliance, bravery and astonishment. Callers welcome, chat always open and questions and comment invited!

And so it goes...enjoy the weekend everyone and keep your ear to the ground, shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone...and don't hurt your back!


  1. Great post!!

    Would you like a Link Exchange with our new blog COMMON CENTS where we blog about the issues of the day???

  2. absolutely! CC is already on my list!