Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kim Gandy, the Jim Dandy?

It seems that after all the betrayals, Kim Gandy, president of NOW,
has made public her intention to ask for one of the most powerful positions in the federal government for women: Director of the Women's Bureau in the Department of Labor.
Well, at least we can finally surmise the reasons behind her consistent refusal to stand behind
women's rights to dignity and respect during the 2008 election campaign, during which she
heartily abstained from speaking out against the horrendous media bias against Hillary Clinton and thus all the Google Boys, she had something to gain...and apparently wanted it so much that she
was willing to stand silently by as media and the Obama camp slandered and slaughtered women's dignity with impunity throughout.
Feminist bloggers are, for the most part, a smart, scrappy bunch, given to expressing their ideas and
writing to protest wrongs perpetrated against other women. Today, we have been asked to respond to the current outrage by posting about it. And so, Kim Gandy, Resident Obama and the rest of all you pay to play folks out there, please be advised that we know who you are, and what stand you did or did not take against sexism, misogyny, and media bias.
By allowing a woman like Kim Gandy, who is clearly attempting to sell her position of power for another, bigger one, to be rewarded for selling out her constituents (women, we are setting a dangerous example and a poor precedent for the progress of women's rights.
To all those who would aid and abet this perfidy, keep it up if you insist. We are watching and we will write about the ills we see until sexism and misogyny are eradicated from our lexicon. We can tell a self serving phony a mile away and we do name names!

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