Thursday, April 2, 2009


Talk about putting all of one's eggs in one basket! Like it or not, the G-20 summit convenes officially today in London, England, where Ms. Usurper has already appeared to greet PM Brown in yet ANOTHER tiresome, classless version of the Ugly, Sleeveless Suit, Mr. Usurper hurled yet another cheap insult, this time at the Queen, by bestowing upon her an iPod of all things--and the Summit hasn't even started yet. As if it weren't enough to have tossed the Prime Minister of Great Britain a bunch of cheap, silly American DVDs that aren't even formatted for a British player, The Useless Ones continue to spew their trail of carnage behind them as they cart with them nearly an entire White House staff replete with food, water, and cooks; bazillions of dollars worth of fancy cars, helicopters, gasoline and support staff of over 500, [200 Security troops], and most probably a solid car load of sleeveless wear for every occasion. But, despite the devil-may-care, halcyon days-style partying of these two, these are serious times. The world economy has collapsed, Russia and China are calling for a new currency to supplant the Dollar, there will be no pork products served at the Summit [although one wonders why not, if all attendees are bringing and cooking their own food], and the Infidels of the World [read: ANYone NOT Muslim, who, by the way, already own a significant amount of Citibank and have thus already been kicked back a few dollars from the first bailout--[what WOULD they ever do without the indentured American tax payer??] are meeting to make agreements with Muslim leaders whose very Sharia law not only encourages them to, but DEMANDS that they break any contract made with an Infidel within 7 years. So...what's wrong with this picture, you ask? I mean, aside from the fact that none of this, with the exception of the appearance of another ugly sleeveless garment and some tasteless gifts to heads of state, are being reported in main stream media? Aside from the obscene amount of American taxpayers' money being siphoned off to pay for this ridiculous trip? At this rate, it starts to make Nancy's Special, Extra Expensive plane rides and the daily Kobe beef chow downs look frugal. One can hardly wait to learn the outcome of all this fuss and fanfare, aside from the obvious fact that the emperor has no clothes...not now, not ever.
To get to the truth behind it all, I prescribe daily if not hourly visits to our very own Logistics Monster, resident Minister of Truth and researcher extraordinaire. Even when there's no news [a rarity!] the list of visitors is always entertaining and highly illuminating on its own!

To get ACTIVE with ACCDF, take a moment to view their page here and look for the new site's rollout next week. These times they are a-changin'...for they are NOT the change we hoped for.

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