Friday, April 10, 2009

His Wonders to Behold: Redemption!

Blessings to all at the beginning of this universal holy weekend, which signals redemption, rebirth and new beginnings. Thus, a hat tip to Jeff Zeleny and, miracle of miracles, the New York Times, for suddenly and inexplicably printing some truth where Barry Soetoro is concerned. In his April 9 Washington Memo, Zeleny wastes no time getting to the meat of the matter in what is perhaps one of the most sagely salient columns he's written. Says he, "[Obama] is not a mortgage broker. But...[he] seemed to be playing one on television, urging Americans not to miss out on rock-bottom refinancing rates."
But wait--there's more. And, while it gets worse for the erstwhile Resident, it gets better for us, as we begin to catch a glimmer of--dare I invoke that heinous sham of a word--*hope* that at long last, one small voice in the endless parade of main stream media hucksters has not only seen the light [how could one not??!] but is willing to run against the tide with his pen.

While it is true that characterizing the Resident as TV Salesman is overly kind, indeed it's a start, for everything this creature does is an outrage and an embarrassment, not only to the American people, but to himself. From the utter arrogance and ignorance of returning a Churchill bust, which belonged NOT to HIM, but to the American People, to blubbering and babbling mindlessly when caught in the headlights of a malfunctioning teleprompter, to bowing and scraping to Islamic surrogates in the person of Saudi leaders, appearing on late night television like some third rate stand up comedian wherein he insulted, among others, those in the Special Olympics who have actually WORKED to ACHIEVE something, to associating with the dregs of society and employing many of them as his minions, to the weekly, wild, lavish parties filled with Kobe beef and god-knows-what-else, this "administration," in less than three months, has indeed accomplished more than any other American president: the complete and utter shaming of the office of POTUS and the bankrupting of the treasury.

Among the endless list of stellar abominations was the hiring of Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser who received payments last year from firms over which he now has influence. Mr. Summers, one remembers, [or perhaps not] is the individual whose premise was that women are stupid, or at least, stupider than men, claiming that, "women are inferior to men in their ability to excel at math and science." One can only imagine that clamour that would have arisen had the infamous "Bell Curve" authors Herrnstein and Murray been appointed to serve, THEIR premise being that people of color can't help being stupid, they're just born that way.

And so it goes. A flicker of hope, coming, of all places, from the NY Times, proving that indeed, Redemption exists. On a higher note, many, many heartful thanks to Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee of for speedy response to my call through Steve Maloney for urgent troop support. Thanks to Debbie, half the request has been filled, and Sgt. Sanchez and his section will have what they need as they redeploy to the combat zone. Chris Hill, executive director of Gathering of Eagles has graciously offered to pick up the rest of the project and both will be appearing on "The Dame Truth" and "Kicking Back" in the near future. Stay tuned for updates, and tune in this Monday night at 8 EST to hear Dr. Orly Taitz speak on tomorrow's Studio City Tea Party, attended by my cohost Patriot Rose, and other breaking news.
Wishing Spring's Peace & Redemption to all~

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