Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's ABOUT TIME, CNN...and Tea Parties

FINALLY! CNN is getting a taste of its own bile. World Net Daily reported yesterday that the FCC has been flooded with complaints about the vile manner in which news readers Anderson Cooper, David Shuster, whose vile statement about Chelsea being "pimped out" to campaign for her mother last year elicited public outrage, and David Gergen referred to Americans at the massive Tea Party rallies across the nation on April 15. Anyone who missed it can click on the World Net Daily link above, but be forewarned--it is truly nasty, sophomoric and insulting to the sensibilities of everyone save the perpetrators. I would urge EVERYONE to go to the FCC site and lodge a complaint against CNN, Cooper, Gergen and Shuster. The more complaints registered, the better the public can register its distaste for these shamefully immature, biased and uninformed individuals who have no business invading our homes through the airwaves. CNN and MSNBC are notorious for their low journalistic standards, poor quality reporting and extreme bias. Allowing these individuals, and people like them, to retain their jobs is an affront to every American.


  1. Although the FCC may send a form letter back saying it is out of their jurisdiction, keep in mind that it actually isn't.

  2. While these aren't typically the type of commentst that bother me, Anderson Cooper's remark was pretty disgusting. It was well beyond a veiled reference, and I find it sad that you can't let kids watch the news anymore without worrying about what foul remarks might come out of the newscater's mouth.