Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Assininity of Audacity

It is now less than four weeks til the general election and people are still asking of Obama: "Who IS this guy?! " They're still scrambling about, searching high and low to get solid answers. In the meantime, about the only things that have come to light via main stream media have been little more than the result of audacious marketing and the steady scrubbing of every online site that carried information about him and his now almost non existent past. There exist none of his voting records as Illinois State Senator; no work products; no written work, no school work; save the few pieces salvaged by diligent researchers connecting him to criminals, terrorists, foreign bag men, socialist groups, illegal voting and finance schemes, his record, or what there is of it,could hardly be characterized as presidential.

What HAS emerged recently is just short of horrifying, as even main stream media has begun to flail about in the piles of information with which they have been inundated as they attempt to run what appear to be some of the less damaging pieces. The last few days have seen the ACORN connections come to light, along with--finally--some of Obama's long time connections with unrepentent terrorists, left wing radicals like Bill Ayers and his cousin from Kenya, Riale Odinga, among other things.

After diligent efforts to beat the constant scrubbing, Politically Drunk's inimitable J. Brown posted extensive documentation on Obama's membership in socialist groups such as New Party, Democratic Socialists for America, and, earlier, Youth Democratic Socialists, an offshoot of SDS [Students For a Democratic Society]. So has Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.
Stated one piece,
"Obama's membership within the 'New Party' is disturbing as even Green Party members attacked the DSA and New Party as nothing more than a fringe group. The New Party had hoped to implement Socialist Rule in the United States and was established to counteract the influence of a Democratic Party that they viewed as too moderate and too centered. Now it seems that nearly 10 years after the socialist party fell apart, their strategy of upward growth has reached the White House. Obama's ties to the DSA's New Party is beyond just an association it is outright membership, as clearly defined by the parties August 1996 newsletter, in an outright Socialist organization."
Some of Obama's more recent attempts to remove all criticism [AND documentation] from public airwaves have included pressure on writers, researchers, the FCC and threats of litigation. As part of this pattern, other related violations of freedom of speech have occurred:

- A W.A.M. volunteer reported that both yahoo and google refused to produce her prepaid pro-Palin ad, claiming it was an "undesirable product"- the contents of which merely expressed an opinion without the use inflammatory or vulgar language.

- FOX news reported that MSNBC has refused to publish any anti-democratic comments from the network's online activity.

Andy Martin,long time Obama watcher has also fallen under the vengeful eye of the Obama camp, as he recounted recently.

(NY 10/08/08) "We learned today that the Obama campaign is threatening economic retaliation against news organizations that communicate with me. This is an extension of the terrorist tactics that were directed at WGN-AM in Chicago for featuring critics. We are only a few steps away from a brown-shirted Hitler-style bully boy operation. America: the warning lights are on.
After today, no one can pretend they do not know what is in store for the United States if Barack Obama is elected. A Mugabe-style gang will be running the federal government. Threatening people with economic harm if they speak to other people is defined in the federal criminal code as Extortion.
By threatening media, Obama has morphed from nasty smears and McCarthyism to criminal activity. Threatening media with economic retaliation for interviewing me is a crime. Why has Obama's 'communications' man Gibbs attacked Hannity and me? Did I bomb buildings? No. Ayers did. But Obama/Gibbs suggests I am toxic and Ayers is not. Is Obama is trying to suggest that bombing the Capitol or Pentagon is equivalent to being a litigant in a controversial lawsuit?...
"I have only one question for the mainstream media: who's next?"

Bill Ayers gave Barack Obama a $100 million checkbook. Can anyone reasonably believe that Ayers entrusted money he personally had raised to someone whom Ayers did not know well and could not trust? Ayers knew and trusted Obama before he wrote him a check for $100 million dollars. Likewise, can anyone believe David Axelrod's...story that Obama accepted a check from Ayers for $100 million dollars ($50 million Annenberg, $50 million matching) without knowing who was behind [it] and who Bill Ayers was? Who did Obama think Bill Ayers was? An Ed McMahon substitute, delivering $100 million from Publishers Clearing House? These men, Obama and Ayers, knew each other intimately before the Annenberg deal went down. No honest person can hold a contrary opinion.

And, finally, there is word from Jerome Corsi, author of "Obamanation" who was detained by Kenyan authorities during a fact finding mission there. Corsi was finally released and put on a plane to England at the hands of armed guards. Given Obama's close relationship with Odinga, it was no surprise to learn of the attempt to prevent him from further research. In spite of the risk, he succeeded in obtaining correspondence from Obama to Odinga, advising Odinga how to foment unrest between factions in Kenya in order to insure his rise to power. Hmmm. Sounds familiar...The Uniter's true tactics revealed. Corsi's interview with Hannity & Colmes will appear on Monday, Oct. 13 on FoxNews.

So...Who IS this Barack Obama?” I believe that the answer to that question has always been that Barack Obama is what you need him to be. He has defined himself only as an agent for “Change,” but we really have no evidence that the change to which he so often refers has anything even remotely to do with the one WE envision. He remains, even now, a candidate without any real identity. He is what the voters project upon him. He is the ultimate illusion. And in His plan for Us, it is critical that we do NOT know who he is. This is indeed the preferred method of those who aspire to absolute power, and, as he himself stated,
"I...serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."

It is difficult to deny the audacity implied therein. Never were truer words spoken, and perhaps, of all those he has spoken, these are the only ones that are true.


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  2. Thank you for that quote. I had just changed the one I was using by Thomas Paine to the tyranny one by Jefferson. I think, for my out-of-work email accounts, I'll be using this one. Chilling.