Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Salon/Media Spin Doctors-The Ususal Suspects

It is always disheartening to watch the devolution of any publication I once respected. As a writer and researcher, I always go into a project with an open mind and a blank slate. However, once I have seen the fact pattern and deduced an opinion, I am bound to represent what I believe to be true on the basis not of what I WANT to be true, but what the FACTS INDICATE to be true.

And so it goes in the instant case. For months now I have been reading, writing and researching and what I have learned is a highly unpleasant reality: Barack Obama, the DNC and his handlers have perpetrated without a doubt THE SLICKEST, MOST DISHONEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN IN AMERICAN HISTORY, and in doing so, shamelessly duped half of America. I say half because, in spite of the constant stream of Obamapologists from main stream media, a signficant portion of Americans have still resisted drinking the virulent kool aid that transmits the Obama virus.

I have personally witnessed the intimidation tactics used by Obama camp followers on delegates at the Denver DNC convention; I have interviewed activists and bloggers who have been theatened and traumatized Texas caucus workers who witnessed firsthand the thuggery employed in the attempt to steal a caucus win from Hillary Clinton, who BEAT Obama in that day's primary only to "loose" in the caucuses???!

I have researched the pasts, track records, writings and associations of John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden extensively, and what I have found is a remarkable dissimilarity between the four candidates: without question, we know as much about John McCain and what he has done with his life in the last 30 years as we DON'T know about the QUESTIONABLE pass times of Barack Obama over the last 30 years.

And yet: despite all of the facts available, main stream media continues to gloss over Obama's murky past, giving him pass after pass on such crucial issues as American citizenship, associations with known terrorists and criminals, and the absence of any real work product or writing, save his fictionalized autobiographies, which contain almost no facts at all.

Doesn't it ever occur to anyone that if media did their job, adhered to their own standards of professional ethics and actually--novel idea--REPORTED ALL THE FACTS FROM BOTH SIDES, the candidates themselves would not have to do not only their OWN job of running for office, but that of the media as well?

Until media, including but not limited to Kamiya, Conason, Traister etal. restores itself to at least a modicum of objectivity in reporting, their sleazy attacks on anyone who reports an unpleasant fact mean less than nothing to the average American who, despite media's endless attempts to fool them, remain a lot smarter than both MSM and Obama would like to believe.

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