Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hope for a Clean Sweep, Change to a Fair Election

Tonight is the Vice Presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. One, the Washington outsider Obama has insisted upon--oh wait--he insisted upon an outsider but ended up choosing Joe Biden, the good natured but long time Washintgon INSIDER. Well, anyway, tonight we shall see how it goes between the Insider and the Outsider. The Insider, who has been Inside for thirty years, and represents the State of Delaware, home of financial institution Central, Bank Haven of the Lower 48, has some experience Inside the Belt, while the Outsider, who has never BEEN inside, but successfully battled her own party to fight corruption in the State of Alaska, will hopefully prove her mettle. Marginalized by the media until now, it is a good possibility that she just may make a clean sweep in this debate, and keep right on sweeping her way into Washington to continue her mission in a national clean up as well. Her track record thus far is sterling: she has worked to save her state money and cut waste and corruption and one can only hope that, in light of the horrendous recent history of the love affair between the government and the financial history, she will wield that broom briskly, using broad strokes. Tune in tonight to and join everyone for debate commentary, chat and streaming live video! AND, be sure to click on the "VoteBitter" banner on the right to get a Vote Bitter Tee Shirt-free shipping, proceeds to go to Palin campaign!

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