Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Shows Her True Colors!

Tonight, for perhaps the first time since her speech at the RNC Convention, Sarah Palin once again found her stride. Main stream media's recent attempts to diminish her at the hands of Couric and Gibson have gone south as Palin stepped calmly up to the lectern and demonstrated her wit, competence and ability to dig in and clean up not only Washington but Wall Street as well.

To Biden's well meaning but fumbling presentation she provided a fresh, capable insight; to his multitude of Tall Tales [OK--lies-- e.g., "Obama never said he would sit down with Ahmedinejad" [yes he absolutely did say that; he said that he would sit down with ANYone without the benefit of proper screening and ground work], she gave solid, truthful and thoughtful response; to Biden's wide ranging show of emotions, she gave calm, consistent and centered countenance.

Both polls and pundits gave the debate to her by large margin. It is time to hand Palin that proverbial broom, not to ride, but to use for the express purpose of sweeping Washington clean as she did Alaska.


  1. According to Edge of Forever, the AP is already scrubbing stories and rewriting history...she has the screen captures....

    I hope McCain's camp will address this stuff better than they have during the weeks prior to the debate...Palin cannot be allowed to be demeaned again....

    kenosha Marge has written a post on the media and the games they play…

    From The Folks That Gave You GWB and the War In Iraq, Here’s Obama!

    She tells the tale, which begins…

    “Long ago in a country far away, which would be the United States back in 2006, the people went to the polls in great numbers and elected their champions to end an evil war and rein in the reign of terror of the evil Emperor and Darth Cheney.

    Somehow that didn’t work out very well. The evil Emperor and Darth Cheney still reign, although no one is paying any attention because Lord Obama of The New is now the brightest star in the sky. He hasn’t really done anything but he’s all bright and shiny and that’s enough. And who cares what the lame Duck and the Duck Hunter are up to anyway? They are no longer important or popular…..”

  2. Insight, many thanks for another great comment, full of salient info as always! I would urge EVERYONE to ALWAYS MAKE SCREEN SHOTS AND SAVE THEM TO YOUR OWN DRIVES AS SCRUBBING HAS BECOME THE NUMBER ONE TACTIC FOR THOSE WHO ADVOCATE THE PRACTICE OF THE INSTANT REWRITE. We have gone from the Instant Replay to the Instant Rewrite and that is NOT a good thing! What IS a good thing, however, is the fact that, once having been released into cyberspace, nothing ever really is always there, someplace, waiting to be rediscovered and brought out into the light once again.

  3. holy moly!!!