Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sunday Buzz: Tea Parties Abound!

March 2009 burst forth this morning, grayly sombre, as befits the news on the home front. He Who Would Pretend To Lead spoke at Camp Le June, NC on Thursday, refusing to appear on stage until after the National Anthem and Invocation prayer had been completed, and spoke of raising troops' pay, draw down of American troops in Iraq, and buildup starting with 17,000, 10,000 of them Marines, in Afghanistan over coming months--all in the same speech. Troops interviewed post speech were strictly coached to keep the focus on themselves and their own opinions and refrain from attributing anything they had heard with the words, "Mr. Obama said...."

In the meantime, however, our country continues to stumble as it struggles, in shocked stupor, reeling from the blows smote upon it from the current resident of the White House in the face of the passing of unread HR1 and all its hidden earmarks. But, lest one doubt the resolve, intelligence and inventiveness of the American People, I remind you all that we are a hearty bunch, independent in nature, loving of country, family and friends, and have been known worldwide as a stalwart nation of committed patriots whose courage to fight for their country never wanes until victory is won. From the Boston Tea Party to the American Declaration of Independence, Wars of Revolution and of 1812, our Marines fighting their way up Iwo Jima, that a crucial airfield exist for long Pacific sorties, to Vietnam, won many times over with the courage of our troops, and the wars of the Middle East, we who call ourselves Americans never give up when the going gets tough, and never since our Revolution has it been more tough than it is now, in these United States.

Suffice to say, without reiteration, that these are truly the times that try our souls. For the first time since the mid 19th century, many states are asserting their individual sovereignty and rights under the 10th Amendment, while it is rumored that moves are being considered in Congress to block those very rights before more of them form resolutions. Our nation's people have suffered insult upon injury as their representatives in Congress meet their pleas with derision, dead ears or disinformation. And, is if that weren't enough, there are whispered though as yet unconfirmed rumors of secret agreements by our government to grant eminent domain as collateral to China for its debts, no longer payable. With the secretively passed Global Poverty Act, this administration as quadrupled our foreign aid while those at home lose jobs, homes and health care. Loving families can no longer keep their animals and must put them up for adoption and there is talk of Sharia law knocking at our doors as a man beheads his wife because she sued for divorce from his violence. Our Constitution continues to be breached and trampled as greedy civil servants forget their places and feed hungrily at the trough of money and power.

These are but few of the ills we suffer now, with no end in sight, and so, as always, the American Spirit of strengh and courage, and its sense of fairness and justice rise up once again to protect our country, its Constitution and its way of life.

In the words of "Network's" famously outraged Howard Beale, "WE'RE MAD AS HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Americans have come together to stand up for themselves and their country and stand up to those who created this sad state of affairs, to wit:

Americans throw more than 40 tea parties
Citizens answer Rick Santelli's call, unite for nationwide protest

The list of nationwide participants in this glorious movement grows daily and, in addition to the more than 40 tea party events across the nation occurring in the last week of February, more and bigger are in the planning stage now, notably July 4th and September 11-14, 2009. Official sponsors of the events include Top Conservatives on Twitter, Smart Girl Politics, Don'tGo Movement, FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity. I close with links to reports and photos from yestday's Manhattan Tea Party at City Hall Park from Bermanpost at wherein excellent commentary and advice can be found. Also, see yesterday's truthisgold post in which Michelle Malkin's blog and reports can be linked, and today's Logistics Monster, our vanguard in courage, knowledge and wisdom. In future I shall continue to report Tea party updates as we guide and support one another through our greatest constitutional challenge to date.

Free Republic offers up to date, ongoing coverage and scheduling reports on Tea Parties across the Nation at

For direct link to NY photos, click here.

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