Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are SO Screwed...NOTTT

At 5:27 PM EST today, HR1388, S277 Serve America Act, National Service Programs bill has passed in the Senate with 78 ayes, 20 nays. Lady Liberty continues to sob as the Heavens rain down all manner of affront upon us. Things are happening so fast that few are able to comprehend the true nature of what has befallen us. Indeed, "Now is the time for all good men [and women] to come to the aid of their country." Stay tuned as people join Restore the Republic, ACCDF, The Patriotic Resistance at, and the Shantytowns swell past capacity across our sad and sorry nation. But WE ARE AMERICANS and we WILL survive to bring our country and our Constitution through this challenge safely! As redlemur suggests, fly that Gadsden flag in your yard, display that Constitution in your front window! [Both of which can be had with the click of the wrist by going to http:///!], start the conversations and the dialogs that get people involved and remind everyone that we are Americans and we are not going anywhere! As the Greeks said, "Molon Labe!"


  1. Not only is Lady Liberty crying, so is every American that realizes the enormity of what has just happened, to we as Americans and our beloved Constitution.
    It is truly a dark day in America, I only hope that there are those with the legal capacity to challenge this most egregious and frankly unforgivable turn of events.

  2. Darlin', truly a dark day but there is light to come. We are AMERICANS and we do NOT take lightly to being deprived of the rights and freedoms for which so many have fought and died. Stay tuned. Listen to the shows--our guests have information and ideas to organize and take our country back through our Constitution's guidance! Click the logos at the right or tune in to

    My guest on Monday's Dame Truth is Gary Franchi, co founder of Restore the Republic, and on Tuesday we host Stephen Pidgeon at Constitutional Radio!