Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Are NOT Overcome...

Take heart, Patriots! It has indeed been a beautiful week in the Land of the Wobegone as coalitions of concerned Americans continue to build, grow and take to the internet grapevine and the streets.
reinforces my belief that a significant number of Americans now get their news and information from online sources, thus giving lie to those who would pretend otherwise. The days of "if it's not on TV it isn't true" are, thankfully, long gone as people have seen the quality of main stream media deteriorate to the point of absurdity. News suppression, superficial and biased reporting and inane sound bites have contributed significantly to the loss of viewers, especially over the last year, with many either boycotting TV completely or curtailing their viewing habits considerably, as the number of Americans with access to now reasonably priced access to computers soars.
Online News Sources Seen As Reliable As Local Papers
Fifty-two percent (52%) of Americans say they go online and use the Internet every day or nearly every day, and most of those adults now find online reporting comparable to that in their local newspaper. Seventy-four percent (74%) of these daily Internet users say that reporting from web sources is at least somewhat reliable while 69% say the same about local newspaper reporting.

Even as googletwins' suppression efforts escalate in exchange for appointment as *media czars*, internet communication grows ever stronger, daily connection untold millions in intricate, far reaching grapevines of information dissemination about what is really happening in our world, and what people are doing about it. We are no longer susceptible to olden days' tactics of media control, news suppression and fear mongering as practiced by Goebbels's Germany, Kruschev's USSR or Alinsky-Cloward/Pivens adherents to the nefarious practice of "getting in their faces" [ring a bell, anyone?] with manufactured chaos. Despite endless mantras invoking the word, "Crisis," those who would seek to destroy us have little hope of success these days, thanks to our ability to seek and FIND the truth about what's going on, not only today, but yesterday and perhaps even tomorrow.

We are Americans, one and all, and we are NOT afraid. We know our rights. We love our Country and its Constitution. We love and support the bravery and commitment of our troops, and we are not going to stand idly by like so many brainless goats waiting for slaughter. Live streaming radio abounds, bloggers and commentators not only REPORT the news, but actively seek to empower and engage the people in positive, organized action. Witness the skyrocketing growth and success of the Tea Party Movement, covered tirelessly and generously by Michelle Malkin, TCOT, Don't Go Movement, Smart Girl Politics, Tax Day Tea Party and a host of others. In a matter of two days, Tax Day Tea Party had 11,000 visitors; Eric Odom and his guests Michael Patrick Leahy, Michelle Malkin and Terri Christoph's BTR show airs daily at 5 and nearly 50 cities have joined the movement for Tea Parties on April 15, July 4, Sept. 11 and election day. St. Louis' Dana Radio is involved with sponsorship along with Smart Real Politics and Instapundit.The Patriotic Resistance, We The People and countless others grow ever larger and stronger to stand up for our country and its Constitution. In support of our military, Pat Dollard has formed a PAC called ACTIVE, which stands for "The American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front with BTR shows weeknights at 11 EST.

The long and short of it is that we are AMERICANS--that hearty bunch of spirited, independent folk who have risked all time and again to stand up to tyranny and so we are once again joining together to protect this life and land we all hold dear. We're growing. Watch and 'em and's Tea Time in America once again!

P.S. As our forefathers smile down upon us, check out this terrific link to FREE online videos of a Constitutional course taught by Michael Badnarik. it's something we should know by now, but it's never too late to learn what we stand for.

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