Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Into Tea Time

The warmth of the Spring sun toasts the patio stones to the temperature of a hot rocks massage, and I am blessed this day to be able to watch an old dog snooze on their warmth as I watch a puppy cavort in the grass. Yes, life goes on-- amidst war and worry, terror and trial, here and abroad, we must all remember to savor these small spaces in time where life goes on as usual, and rejoice in the gifts it brings as we make ready our plans to speak out against that which threatens to bring us down. A great many thanks to the Usual Suspects--those bright bastions of light amidst the dark who grace and embrace us with fact, sort it from MSM fiction, and give us the kind of REAL hope that springs eternal in the hearts and minds of Americans near and far. Worldnet Daily, who reports Bob Basso's summons to the White House after his hugely successful, oft viewed Youtube "Thomas Paine" video came into their sights; who maintains an updated Tea Party site; Maggie's Notebook and Texas Darlin' , who have been diligent in reporting government surveillance on Bob Basso and Stephen Pidgeon, [our very own "Constitutional Radio's" guest this Tuesday, March 31 at 10:00 PM!] and others who dare to speak out, and of course, first, last and always, our inimitable Logistics Monster, who not only reports the truth the few knew, but also those who watch her, in the hope for a more transparent society all around! After all...Fair is Fair... and Those Who Watch must realize that Watching must be a two way street in a Democratic Republic. There are, in fact, so many hard working, patriotic Americans involved in the fight for their country now, both home and abroad that it would be impossible to include them all in one post-- my blogroll is long, and though by no means exhaustive, a good place to start-- but rest assured, no perusal of patriotism is complete without checking and supporting these fine sites: The Right Side of Life, Pat Dollard's growing coalition American Constitution and Capitalism Defense Front [ACCDF/ACTIVE] and radio show. And, too, the tireless efforts of Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, Phil Berg and Teo at Just a word of caution to all: Keep those Tea Parties going, and beware gov't. efforts to keep them hidden, cancelled and unattended. MSM has yet to report any of the massive wave of these grassroots efforts that have been taking place around the country, and as organizers of the April 1st Tea Party in Cape Coral, FL learned, if "too many" people plan to attend, municipalities can cancel these events unless permits and insurance are purchased in advance. Cape Coral's event portended a turn out of more than 500 people and thus, authorities prevailed upon Lynn Rosko to obtain permit and insurance. But, we continue to forge ahead on our path of patriotism, to educate others and to make ourselves heard, and we must salute not only our troops and patriotic leaders, but, too, the thin ranks of main stream media who have the courage and conviction to speak out about that which is wrong: Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck's 912 Project, know who you are--and a great big hat tip to you all! Happy Spring, Happy Tea Time and Happy Birthday Patriotism!

And, remember--our Founding Fathers were at once wily and wise--the perfect recipe for a nation of freedom!
"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty. --John Adams

Hope you'll all join me tonight at 11 PM EST on "Kicking Back With Central" as I welcome founder, Teo Bear!


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