Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Torch Is Passed

Tonight will bring the culmination of the long, hard struggle between the Democratic Party's DNC and its members, as the candidate with the lesser popular vote is officially crowned as the 2008 Democratic nominee. Not for nothing have 18 million people worked tirelessly to restore our democratic system to the levels of fairness and integrity it once stood for, however. This campaign has brought to light the fact that our system needs to be fixed in order to once again represent either the Democratic Party we once all knew and loved, or, out of its ashes, birth a new one.

It has shown us that taking the high road no longer works in American politics, but rather, rigging caucuses, gaming rules, and voter fraud, along with projective attacks does. I will NEVER forget the magnitude of furor, shock, and heartbreak witnessed during this campaign, nor will anyone else who was similarly involved. But, out of the remnants of this tattered ideal, our resolve has strengthened even more firmly. PUMAS everywhere have worked together, met, bonded, cheered, supported and loved one another throughout this effort, and resolved to continue our work of election and media reform in order to restore our

It has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life--meeting so many fantastic, diverse people, all of whom were hoping that Hillary would be our nominee despite heavily strong armed pressure and intimidation from DNC, Democratic Party and the Obama Camp. Our presence on the streets and in the convention center, at rallying places and receptions around town brought terrific enthusiasm from many, and derision and threats from the few Obama supporters whose goals seemed so sadly incompatible with Democratic principles.

And so, the torch is passing...from trusted, long time servant to the new, unknown quantity in Barack Obama. Our Movement will continue--we are looking toward an annual PUMA Convention on May 31, 2009, and in the coming year will devote ourselves to the restructuring, basebuilding and goal planning that will comprise the next phase of this glorious movement. The people who came from all over America to show a presence in support of Hillary and worked tirelessly campaigning, rallying, blogging, phoning, and pitching in wherever needed will long hold a place in my heart and I look forward to our continued efforts in restoring our country.


  1. I am so glad I had the opportunity to talk with you yesterday and share the week with you in Denver at the PUMA HQ! You are an amazing women! Please keep bringing the truth to this blog for others to read! Be safe in your travels home!

    SouthJerseyPUMA~ Francine

  2. It was an absolutely amazing week. I loved meeting everyone. I was more than disappointed with the convention.

    they sent us a clear signal... go away.

    Fine! We will.

    also, please add me to your blogroll!

    Texas Hill Country