Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tribute to Two Patriots

Robert Gwatney Murdered in office by lone gunman Aug. 13, 2008
Stephanie Tubbs Jones August 20, 2008

It would be difficult improve upon the poignance with which our own PUMAS pay tribute to Stephanie. Please click the links below.

This is so terribly sad and so horribly terrible that words cannot express the depth of it. No matter how many people try to express their shock horror and anguish, NO words work. NO words help.
It now seems fairly apparent that our electoral system is dealing with an opposition that literally will stop at nothing to thwart free elections to get what they want: be it the choir director from the Wright church; Bob Gwatney in Arkansas, the Democratic State Chair or Stephanie Tubbs Jones, stalwart and steadfast champion of Ohio voting rights, steward of the investigation into the 2004 Ohio voting fraud, 5 term congressperson and champion and supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton--and how many others???

I received this today from an editor at

After publishing a story on the Bill Gwatney murder in Arkansas last week, new information surfaced in an email to On
the day before the killing, Gwatney may have told the group petitioning DNC delegates for Sen. Clinton's name to appear in a roll-call vote that he would sign on to the drive. Evidently he is the only state chair to do so. Most other members of the Arkansas delegation indicated to organizers they would support her.
Sen. Clinton won the state on Feb. 5th by 44 points, her biggest margin nationwide. Significantly, in a roll call vote at the convention, Arkansas is one of the first states called, and thus a potential for starting a bandwagon effect.

So the timeline goes like this: 8/12 Gwatney agrees to back Clinton
nomination - 8/13 Gwatney shot - 8/14 DNC announces Clinton will be

In addition, on Tuesday, Little Rock police announced that the keys
found in the killer's home attached to Gwatney auto dealership
might have been diversionary, if not planted, evidence. The article
has been updated to reflect the latest facts. If anyone has info
on this case, please get in touch. Here's a link to the story:

I have been highly reluctant to sound alarmist or extremist--on the contrary, I am always the optimist, dismissing notions of threat, but even I, in my reluctance to believe conspiracy theorists and extremists, have been forced to reassess my views. Is it extreme to wonder whether a group that has repeatedly asserted that THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING to win really won't stop at nothing? Election fraud in Texas caucuses, Iowa polls and Florida and Michigan, strong arm, intimidation tactics aimed at delegates, elected officials and the ultimate strong arm tactic against Bob Gwatney tell me that this truly IS a group that will stop at nothing.
This is a sad, sad day for America and a very frightening one too. Forty years ago we witnessed the killings of MLK and RFK...we now witness the killings of two of Hillary's most intrepid, loyal supporters, both of whom lived their lives espousing the words of Dr. King and Senator Kennedy, within days of one another, within two weeks of the Democratic Convention. This cannot possibly be an accident of random coincidence. The universe simply does not work that way.
Our hands tremble, our hearts are heavy and our thoughts race as we search for a way in which to protect ourselves and our country from the mob tactics of fascism and the loss of our democracy.

Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Bob Gwatney shall remain in our hearts and minds forever as courageous Americans, patriots who stood by their word, voted their conscience and espoused integrity. They will go down in history as individuals who died for their beliefs that America deserved Democracy and free speech.

As we move ahead to the Denver convention, I implore everyone to remember these brave, patriotic, public servants, and vote your conscience. Vote for the candidate most qualified to lead our country and most likely to win the election. Do not let the tactics of thugs dictate the choice of our next president.

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