Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hubris v. Honor Redux...and STILL No Questions from the Press

Just when it seemed like things couldn't GET either any more surreal or less credible, we start the week by learning that while Russia invades Georgia, Hillary delegates are being purged, and the news of Obama's close ties with an anti Christian, pro Taliban Kenyan leader named Odinga continues to be suppressed, http://truthisgold.blogspot.com/2008/08/obama-and-jeopardization-of-national.html we find that Mr. Obama has flown the coop for the sunny isle of Hawaii, leaving Hillary home to do his pre-convention campaigning and the DNC to do his dirty work.

So...What is Wrong With This Picture?

Well, first of all, it speaks to Hubris [his] and Honor [hers]. Apparently deciding he can't take the heat, political or otherwise, he's off to "vacation" [at least that's what he SAID] while SHE, the candidate with the hugest popular vote in primary history, is off to work, keeping her word [as usual] to campaign for him.

It speaks to the Hubris of a Democratic party who is apparently so terrified that the fast waning popularity of their selectee will result in his failure to be nominated that they have gone into panic mode, hunkered down in their bunker, purging, McCarthy style, delegate after delegate that might be so much as even rumored to support Hillary. The latest in this string of casualties [preceded by Wisconsin's Debra Bartoshevich] is Sarah Millstone of Boulder Colorado, who, after PRIVATELY
acknowledging to a fellow delegate in an email that she was upset at the Obama campaign's tactics of dismissal and intimidation of Hillary delegates and was not sure that she could vote for Obama at the Convention, received a letter from Pat Waak, chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, threatening her with the loss of her delegate seat.

"I think that one of the reasons I got this...was to intimidate me," said Millstone. "It sounded... totalitarian [and]...undemocratic and I was completely shocked. Having had conversations on the pros and cons of those candidates, I don't think this is an unusual thing at all in the Democratic Party."

About Millstone, Waak stated, [giving new meaning to the phrase, 'Waak Job',]

"From our point, it's over with. She's chosen not to come in and talk with us...so, we're two weeks...from the convention and we'll continue to work with the delegates who want to be worked with."

Fear Tactics, Intimidation & Threats: Our Party at Work??

Millstone firmly believes the letter was a clear message to Clinton delegates nationwide to refrain from any comment, even those made privately, that could be construed as even slightly critical of Obama if they wish to attend the convention. "I think that it was calculated to have an impact on other delegates...this kind of communication...has a very chilling impact on other delegates because people become afraid to speak up. They become afraid to say what they think."Millstone added, "You can't get unity by telling people to shut up." http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/17163668/detail.html
Unlike those who, like Gerry Ferraro, [rare birds in a forest of parrots], have tremendous courage, conviction and power, most delegates are ordinary folk, desirous of doing their patriotic duty unhampered by threats, intimidation and fear tactics. Like the lone suffragette in the famous picture, standing alone on a sidewalk crowded with men, holding her simple sign, Gerry Ferraro stood up to the DNC Machine yesterday and stood her ground, speaking her piece in support of Hillary Clinton, the lone voice of reason.

Res ipsa loquitur, or...the thing speaks for itself...and it echoes the multitudinous pattern of threats from not only the Obama camp, but DNC and Democratic Party elected officials as well, to wit: one among many received by an Election Watch writer from none other than Donna Brazile:

"Do not send me...this crap and I promise not to send your email address to anyone.
Soon, I will have to kick some truth into the lies.
Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors."

None But the Brave

Not to be outdone, the direct approach from Montana's Senator Jon Tester:
"Your message has been forwarded to the U.S. Capitol Police Force for investigation. Do not send any further messages to this address."
And, although certainly neither the last nor the least, this from http://freemenow.wordpress.com/

"Democratic Party Collapses Into Stiff Arm Politics"
TO: All Clinton Delegates
FROM: Mary Isenhour, Executive Director
DATE: August 11, 2008
RE: Nomination
If anyone approaches you about signing a petition to place Senator Clinton’s name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention, the Governor has asked me to ask you to refrain from signing such a petition until we know what Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have worked out.
As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
Rachel A. Moore, Office Director,Pennsylvania Democratic Party
300 North 2nd Street, 8th Floor,Harrisburg, PA 17101
ofc. 717.920.8470 / fax 717.901.7829

Feel the love. ClintonDems.com states:

"With the convention just around the corner, it is imperative that all Democrats everywhere understand that whether or not Hillary is nominated, we are in this for the long haul. This primary has revealed DNC "leadership" to be corrupt, mean-spirited, and devoid of respect for basic democratic principles. They have completely and effectively ceded the moral high ground to Republicans at this point." http://hillaryclintonnews.blogspot.com/2008/08/action-item.html

Brave New World

In the meantime, life goes on: we are informed that Mr. Obama, still on vacation in Hawaii, far from the madding crowd and its pesky, inquisitive reporters, will take HIS brave stand and announce his vice president via text message, thus eliminating the need for a press conference and those burdonsome concepts of Hubris, Honor, and Courage of Conviction can be dispensed with and replaced with Newspeak until further notice...by text message, of course.

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