Monday, August 25, 2008


Convention week has begun in Denver! PUMA Presence is everywhere this week, with our people on the ground getting lots of support and recognition. Two PUMAs holding signs and wearing Tee Shirts tried to hail a cab got honks and waves from all the passersby who thought that they were doing a honk and wave-when a cab finally stopped, he was so thrilled to see the PUMA signs that he asked if he could keep one! Although there is clearly an Obama presence here, we are finding terrific support and things have been quiet for the most part, with the exception of an encounter with some angry Obama supporters at the MSNBC kiosk in Union Square. We got some good footage of Obama supporters behind a barricade chanting at Hillary supporters and Hillary Supporters made a great show of unity in expressing their objections toward Chris Matthews, who was doing the show live this afternoon at the kiosk.

On to ceremonies in Cheesman park where Riverdaughter will speak and there will be a candlight ceremony at 9:45 tonight.

PUMA HQ at 1325 Delaware Avenue is abuzz from morning to night with media presence from all over the world, PUMAS dropping by to make signs, strategize and rest between our forays out to the field. More to come, and remember The PUMA Presence!

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  1. Marnie, corrupt organizations come up with corrupt candidates, and the DNC has certainly produced a doozie. The PUMA people, especially you, are performing a service to your country. Please let us know what's really going on in Denver! I don't watch the MSM, so I rely on you and FOX News.