Monday, August 4, 2008

Honor vs. Hubris

According to Merriam Webster' Online Dictionary, the word "Honor" denotes "a keen sense of ethical conduct; integrity."
"Hubris," on the other hand, denotes "exaggerated pride or self confidence," stemming from Classical Athenian usage meaning "intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade; [it] could also characterize rape."

And this, in a nutshell, is what the 2008 presidential campaign boils down to: The choice between a man whose actions and words have consistently demonstrated his honorable character and one whose short but checkered history has demonstrated little more than his complete and utter hubris.

Contrast, if you will, the man who declined to be released from POW camp simply because he had family ties in upper echelon military, with one who refused to visit wounded troops because a press entourage was not allowed, claimed that the Senate Banking Committee was "his committee," and has been unable to produce an authentic, verifiable American birth certificate.

Contrast a man willing to appear at a Town Hall Meeting at a military base with one who always claims, regardless of the choice of dates given to him, that he "has a prior commitment."

It is all too well known that Mr. Obama's chief campaign strategy has been that of playing the Victim by repeatedly race baiting while accusing the Clintons, long time uber champions of civil rights, of racism.
This is indeed a clear pattern with the Obama campaign: crying foul while committing fouls themselves, as reported on by Politico last month in an article entitled "Who’s Smearing Whom."

Few things are more universally unattractive than the kind of smug, out-of-touch arrogance that characterizes Barack Obama and thus, his campaign. Few things are sadder or more dangerous than someone who has demonstrated beyond all doubt, in instance after instance, by his outright lies,
repeated failure to keep his word, and who, to date, has failed to produce an authentic birth certificate, thus raising questions about even his LEGAL qualification to run for the presidency of the United States. Clearly,
his candidacy is no longer viable and due to his pathological pattern of falsifying documents he should be censured and have his Senate seat stripped from him.

Are these the acts of a desperate man? Perhaps so, but, more importantly, they are the acts of one who is inexperienced, unqualified and dangerous, and, more sadly still, one who will stop at nothing to get into the White House.

For further reading see Jerome Corsi's #1 bestseller Obama Nation book and Andy Martin's, "Obama: The Man Behind the Mask"

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  1. Interesting isn't it? We have a complete newbie and the bosses want to turn the company over to him. That to me is like a brand new 16 year old dishwasher who has never had a job thinking he is qualified to run the restaurant.

    Hubris indeed!