Friday, January 23, 2009

Announcing..."The Audacity of Democracy"!

At long last, filmmaker Brad Mays' long awaited documentary about the early PUMA movement is ready for release! While the trailer doesn't begin to do justice to the full feature, it does offer a quick preview and leaves the viewer wanting more. Brad has been working on "The Audacity Of Democracy" for nearly six months. Now finished, he is ready to talk about the ups and downs of political documentary filmmaking, as well as how his film has been misunderstood virtually from its inception. Taking viewers from Washington, DC to Chicago to Dallas and Austin, Texas; from New York City and Princeton to Denver, Colorado, from low farce to high tragedy, "The Audacity of Democracy" is sure to surprise everyone who sees it.

Join me on Saturday, January 24th at 10:00 PM EST for a two hour premier special with Brad and his film crew, Lori Starfelt and Steve Yaeger for a revealing discussion about the making of the film and some of the startling events that occurred during its filming. Lines will be open to listeners for question and comment. Updates for url to be posted later today.

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