Friday, January 23, 2009

Congress - Watch Now More Than Ever

Under cover of the media's endless coverage of a minor airline incident in NY, the Senate gave passage to the remaining $350 billion in T.A.R.P. expenditures.
Since it would have been necessary for both House and Senate to vote down this measure, the funding is now assured and already in process. Just to be certain their tight vote passed, Burris (Obama's secret selection to replace himself in the Senate) was sworn in early that day and Joe Biden withheld his own resignation from the Senate until day's end, after the vote. You won't see reports of such maneuvers on MSM, but we've every reason to expect them to continue. Speaker Pelosi, for instance, appears to be planning a re-interpretation of House Rules to serve the purpose of "dead of night" measures to circumvent opposition. Evidence is clear she remains a strong backer of Acorn:

The question that remains related to T.A.R.P. is what will the House of Representatives do to regulate its distribution and oversight. Barney Frank, Democratic Chair of the Banking Committee has presented a bill which claims to serve that purpose. This bill is subject to a vote as early as this week, following the Inauguration.
Republican Minority leader John Boehner has expressed outrage that no GOP were consulted or included in the preparation of the contents of this measure. It thus appears that unless public protests reach a high-volume, Pelosi & Co. have every intention of controlling our government for their own purposes and running it as a one party System.

Republican opposition appears questionable, as Congressional hearings demonstrated this week. Eric Holder was given a free pass by the GOP, drawing criticism even by the Obama-besotted media for neglecting to hold the Attorney General nominee accountable for his end-run around the Justice Department in the controversial pardon for Mark Rich, which he facilitated at the end of the Clinton administration. We could ask, should a crook run the Justice Department he previously circumvented? We could ask - but the Republicans in Congress didn't do so.

On related fronts we face a CIA director with no background in intelligence operations, a head of Homeland security who espouses open borders and a Treasury Secretary who cheated on his income taxes. Who will the GOP blame if they continue to allow irresponsible appointments to slide through?

Of even greater concern, however, are the currently nebulous contents of the "Obama Recovery Plan." Expected to multiply the initial costs of T.A.R.P., this package of ten bills is currently a mere shell for the insertion of who knows just what. Apparently, all the Obama rhetoric has yet to be magically transformed into substance. By contrast, another bill also introduced on January 7, to discourage teen pregnancy is four pages long - offering an amount of detail greater than the 10 sketchy Recovery bills combined! Yet the headers of this package portend sweeping changes in almost every aspect of American life. One, for instance, with a header related to "Fairness" for the Middle Class (?) includes, on its short list of potential laws, a brief reference to CardCheck (Pelosi and Acorn's approach to storming small businesses with mandated unions, initiated with the peer pressure of no secret ballot.) Note that this is just 1 item on a longer list on one bill of ten! For a review of the massive scope but lack of content of this "Recovery Plan"

There's every indication the Democratic party is preparing for diverse back room deals and dead of night maneuvers to turn our country's standards and laws upside down as quickly as possible - all with the blessings of the co-opted collusion of cooperative Mass Media which is committed to informing the American People of as little as possible of what is transpiring in our government.

Take, for instance, the re-introduced Resolution of January 6, to eliminate term limits on the Presidency. The history of its prior introduction (1995 to 2007) has been weak. This time around, the threat of ending term limits may loom larger than ever before,cosponsored, as it is, by Barney Frank. What we may ask is the head of the Banking Committee thinking to sponsor a bill extending Obama's term in office with no limits?! (Note; Rep. Frank's co-sponsorship is dated November, 2008 but buried in the record of an earlier record of the measure. Just an error?)

The American people can expect no good to come of any of this unless we remain vigilant and active in our protests as each of these critical measures comes up for a vote. Wake Up America movement (WAM) is enlisting volunteers to Watch Washington Now, track legislation and communicate to both Congress and the mainstream media what is acceptable and what is not. (Quick use sample letters and contact information will be provided to all those interested in participating). To get involved with W.A.M. click here. Preserving our democracy needs your support!

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