Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bravo and Many Thanks to Brad Mays, Lori Starfelt & Steve Yaeger!

And, to the many listeners who tuned in! Thanks to you all, last night's show was a huge success! Intended to be a one time special presentation to showcase"The Audacity of Democracy" and its filmmakers, we received so many Favorite markings that we have decided to continue "Kicking Back with Central Park" as a regular Saturday night venue from now on!

"Kicking Back" portends to be a laid back wrapup of current sociopolitical and cultural happenings and phenomemena with guests, commentary and discussion. Put on your jammies, snuggle up to the BTR and join us for a weekend decompression chamber! In coming weeks, we'll present, among other stellar guests, an "Audacity of Democracy Redux," an evening with the film makers once again as we give everyone a chance to call in with comments or questions after they've had a chance to view the full feature. For advance purchase, go to

See you there on Saturdays at 11 PM EST at Call in number 646-727-3807 (646) 727-3807 (646) 727-3807 (646) 727-3807

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