Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Constitutional Radio Rallies the Republic!



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Constitutional Radio
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"The Long Hot Summer Ahead"

As we probe our Nation of Laws

Under the Constitution,

Ask relevant questions & ponder

The world in which we live

Through the wise words of our Founders

Although the Northeast remains covered with clouds and rain, the summer ahead looms large as concerns over our nation's integrity continue to grow. It seems the "Perfect Storm" has begun to converge over our great nation with severe economic issues, suspect motive and integrity in government, a plethora of Constitutional abrogations flying around unchecked, foreign policy at a dangerous crossroads and our troops spread ever thinner across the gaping hole of Asia and the Middle East. [The Middle East actually IS part of Asia but as that is a little known fact, I note it herein]. While the list is all too complicated and too painfully long to complete in a mere blog post, suffice to say that most of us are aware of Trouble Ahead, and Trouble Behind, as the song, "Casey Jones*" says.

Join Drkate and me as we spend another 90 minutes trying to thrash out the issues, put out the news and remind everyone that we ARE a Nation of Laws, based upon the U.S. Constitution, and that THAT--NOT special interests, extremists or comfortable congresspeople-- is the Law of the Land.

*© Robt. Hunter

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