Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Speaking On the Unspeakable

Well, it's happened again. Yet another report of a crazed person opening fire in a public place, this time the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. There are no words to adequately express the depth of distress things like this bring with them...the wasted lives, the tortured past of a mind and a life gone wrong somewhere along the path, all for reasons unknown. Of course, media, as usual, was in Reporting Mode, covering it over and over nonstop to the exclusion of all other news from the time it came over the wire, and repeatedly reminding anyone who would listen that James Von Brunn, the aging shooter, was a Veteran, even referring every few minutes to DHS's odious punch list of last month warning everyone to be on the lookout for crazed Veterans. The truth is: everybody takes aspirin and everybody dies. Does this mean that aspirin will kill you? No, not unless you decide to swallow the entire bottle at once. So, just why is it that this administration, DHS and media have taken up the gauntlet for open season on Vets? Is it their bravery, patriotism, commitment, or love of country? Is it their combat skill? What??

Also today, Reverend Wright--you remember him, Obama's pastor and spiritual advisor for 17 years--stated in an interview that, "Those Jews won't let me talk to him until he's a lame duck..."

Yes, anti semitism is on the rise throughout the world, with the help of people like Hamas, Jihadists, Black Separatists and lunatic white supremicists, which have always been around, but until recently, had no help from other sectors. It is now more important than ever that we who care about The Right Thing come together and support Israel, support our Constitution, our Country, and our Military, and, as the Danes did so long ago at the Gates of Vienna, keep the enemy at bay. And yet...these days it is a very narrow path between being humanly compassionate and empathetically foolish. As much as I can read the words of Thich Nhat Hanh with admiration and respect, so must I draw the line at treating a murderous terrorist as an American, and according him Geneva Convention rights when he wears no uniform, fights for no flag, and observes no rules. During his raucous and giggly 60 Minutes interview some months back, Mr. SoetorObama stated, "Of COURSE I don't believe in Mirandizing the enemy" as he chortled happily away. But today that, too, was thrown under the bus and our military is now instructed to Mirandize every enemy they take into custody. Today, not just Michael Behenna and Evan Veles, but many other brave, patriotic Americans sit in prisons for doing their job: for fighting the enemy, for doing heroic deeds which would have earned them medals and commendations in Vietnam, Korea and WW II. [Note: General Townsend received Michael's packet today and I urge all to send prayers his way in the hope that Michael will receive either a pardon or a fair trial that includes testimony from the state paid pathologist that exonerates him, and please go to to learn about the case and donate to help pay for his legal fees].

It is all too much for the mind to manage these days, and so I remind us all of the Eastern adage that states that "there is room in the heart for all that the mind cannot handle."

I use that more and more these days. There seems to be little else that helps.


  1. Stephen Tyrone Jones, the security guard who was shot yesterday was a USAF veteran. I was told he played cards at Andrews AFB on weekends. My impression was he was a very nice guy. A friend who knew him shared this tidbit with me.

  2. I am sickened by this. I heard that he was a very special person also. The world has truly gone insane when a 90 year old can walk, talk and carry a weapon, discharge it at someone and live to tell the tale.