Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For Those Who Thought They'd Seen It All...

Okay, this, unfortunately, tops today's stories, simply because it is both sad commentary and profound illustration of the direction our country has taken at the hands of the utter and absolute chain of fools that have seized power.Yes, it is true. All those "Czars" you've been hearing about: they're real. And real stupid too. This from a friend:

This story is from a Ford Engineer who reports on the type people the Obama Administration is sending to the Auto Industry. I think when you read the story below you will understand that the Obama Administration is full of Uneducated people. Anyone in their right mind would understand the statements made. Yet these people probably voted and, worse yet, one can only surmise for whom they voted.

I recently attended a breakfast meeting where the speaker/guest was David E. Cole, Chairman, Center for Automotive Research (CAR). You have all likely
heard Cole CAR quoted, or referred to in the auto industry news lately.

Mr. Cole, who is an engineer by training, told many stories of the difficulty of working with the folks that the Obama administration has sent to save the auto industry. There have been many meetings where a 30+ year experience automotive expert has to listen to a newcomer to the industry, someone with zero manufacturing experience, zero auto industry experience, zero business experience, zero finance experience, and zero engineering experience, tell them how to run their business.

His favorite story is as follows:

There was a team of Obama people speaking to Mr. Cole (Engineer, automotive experience 40+ years, Chairman of CAR). They were explaining to Mr. Cole that the auto companies needed to make a car that was electric and liquid natural gas (LNG) with enough combined fuel to go 500 miles so we wouldn't "need" so many gas stations (A whole other topic). They were quoting BTU's
of LNG and battery life that they had looked up on some website.

Mr. Cole explained that to do this you would need a trunk FULL of batteries and a LNG tank as big as a car to make that happen and that there were problems related to the laws of physics that prevented them from...
At this point, the Obama person interrupted and said (and I am quoting verbatim here)

"The laws of physics? Whose rules are those, we need to change that."

[As this government schmuck expounded on the topic, some of his cohorts frantically wrote down the “law name” so they could look it up] The Obama person continued:

“We have the congress and the administration. We can repeal that law, amend it, or use an executive order to get rid of that problem. That's why we are here, to fix these sort of issues."

This, folks, is NOT an exaggeration. Recently there was an article about yet another one of this administration's new "appointees", who had ZERO, repeat: ABSOLUTELY ZERO experience in the field he was being charged to oversee.

And there you have it. Pure, unadulterated idiocy, straight from the Top. Lord help us all.


  1. OMG...I don't know whether to cry or laugh! What dumbshits! The Law of do they think they can repeal that law? Are they friggin idiots or dumber than dirt or 1 card shy of a full deck or about as sharp as a bowling ball...Did I miss any?

  2. If you had done simply the minimum of research before repeating this "e-mail", you would have found that it is just another fake.