Monday, September 22, 2008

Denver Disaster: Coerced Unity is the Worst

If ever there was a reason not to vote Democrat this year, this would be it:
Reading Marc Rubin's interview, "Denver After Action Report," [co- founder with Heidi Li Feldman of Denver Group and Democrats for Principle Before Party ] brought it all back to me, and should remind us all how vital it is that we not forget the truth about this heartbreaking Denver Debacle. At the risk of sounding hackneyed, I would implore everyone to remember George Santayana's admonition that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it--and never was it more applicable than in this election year. Just Say No Deal's soon to be released "Delegate Terror" compelled me to share my experience in Denver as it related to Obama fear and intimidation tactics, and, further, to dedicate today's entry to Denver and all those brave citizens who came and spoke out against them.
Some of my notes from the logs I kept about The Denver Disgrace while I was there:
I spoke with various delegates, primarily women from 'swing states' who reported countless incidents of attempts by Obama Team individuals, state chairs and, worst of all, even other delegates to strong arm, intimidate, threaten and bully them into supporting Obama instead of their pledged delegate, Hillary Clinton. Several of them were crying as they recounted their experiences and the fear they felt as a result. Wall Street Journal Reporter, James Taranto witnessed and recounted just one of the many verbally brutal attempts by Obama supporters, this one a delegate, which took place in the streets of Denver on August 26, 2008.
Among delegates who were the victims of intimidation tactics, only Cynthia Schwartz of Washington State was willing to be interviewed. As a blogger and media consultant in Denver, I kept an incident report log after repeated occurrences of fear and intimidation tactics were brought to my attention from both delegates and attendees, and some of the victims' statements were filmed by Brad Mays, our filmmaker in residence at PUMA HQ on Delaware Avenue.
Since neither Obama nor Clinton had the requisite number of votes [270] to secure nomination, and there were 160 undeclared, it appears clear that Clinton would have been the distinct winner had the convention been allowed to progress honestly, according to DNC rules and tradition, without rule breaking and bully tactics. Indeed, she won 13 of the largest electoral states by a landslide as well as by the largest popular vote in history. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that Obama and the DNC colluded to game and cheat the DNC's own rules in order to ensure his selection as the Democratic nominee, contrary to the will of their own electorate. This being the case, it is only further logical to follow the advice of Tom In Paine, one of our most knowledgeable and prolific bloggers, and work as hard as we possibly can to insure an Obama defeat in November.


The best thing that can happen for the country and the Democratic Party this November is a massive defeat of Barack Obama.

If, for some reason, the facts above have failed to move our readers, note below extensive data on just one of the Obama smear campaign tactics, gathered and reported by Rusty Shackleford of the Jawa Report and

As always, the caveat remains: ignore Main Stream Media and do your own DD!

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