Thursday, September 4, 2008

Turning Left To Go Right--The World Turned Upside Down

Upon hearing the news that Sarah Palin had been chosen as John McCain's running mate and learning of the spate of vicious sexist attacks upon her, Thelma, Louise and Princess Laia veered suddenly left and north to head to the Republican Convention in Minneapolis. In our last episode, we had arrived safely thereon and were making plans to be interviewed and attend Governor Palin's speech scheduled for Wednesday, September 3.

Today finds us mulling over the events of last night, and all the permutations therein. It was a first for this writer: attending a Republican convention was the last thing I ever thought I would be doing. Amidst frantic phone calls from family asking whether I had lost my mind, I marched forth with my stalwart sisters to make our stand for feminism, women's rights, and human rights.

Irrespective of candidates' ideologies, it is our position that sexist smears, comments and accusations cannot be tolerated, at any time or any place. To continue to allow this kind of thing to perpetuate is to keep all people enslaved. As Hillary says, "Women's Rights Are Human Rights."

We were met at the skybox most graciously by two lovely RNC officials and were immediately struck by the contrast between the two conventions. Just having come from Denver, we had experienced and witnessed a great deal of unpleasantness--delegate intimidation, aggressive Obamabots, hostile and arrogant DNC officials were the rule rather than the exception, and at times the only friends we felt present were the Denver police, the foreign press and the residents, all of whom were terrific.

On the other hand, the officials and attendees here in St. Paul have been nothing but open, welcoming and enthusiastic about our presence. Regardless of whether one agrees with Sarah Palin's policies, one has to respect her right to voice them without fear of her family or herself being maligned.

The utter disrespect and sexism that has emerged, once again, toward a woman running for office in the United States is unacceptable. When Joe Biden lost a wife and child in a car crash years ago, no one suggested to him that he quit his job to stay home and take care of his children; no one has suggested that he is a poor parent because his daughter was arrested for obstructing justice--in fact, no one even REPORTED the incident, which occurred years ago, until NOW!

And so it goes. It will not stop until we MAKE it stop. Call us what you will--we will not stop until equality is a reality, not just something Democrats feel they can apply only to themselves or those of whom they approve. Equality is for EVERYone...all races, religions, creeds, genders, and yes...even political parties. Even Republicans have the right to be free from sexist, personal assaults upon themselves and their families. If one is maligned, we are all vulnerable.


  1. I just saw your comment on the Obama lies website. One question for you to ponder - don't you think Palin should be the bigger person to NOT discuss her personal business in the first place? Then she wouldn't have to defend herself with ridiculous comments like "oh, well Alaska doesn't teach sex education" commenting on her daughter's teen pregnancy. Like it is the school's responsibility to teach kids ethics. Sorry Sarah but that should be coming from the home! Can't blame the schools for that one!

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Sarah Palin did not bring her personal business into discussion: the Obama campaign and the Democratic party did. She was forced to out her daughter's private life because she had been advised that the Obama campaign was about to disclose it all in the media as part of their attempt to smear her reputation. The point is that NO one should have to be victimized by having their familys' personal issues used against them in the media, especially in order to wage smear tactics in political campaigns. The fact is that the things with which they have tried to smear Palin are never used against male candidates. The issue here is that women's rights are human rights, without which there is no potential for democracy. Interestingly, Palin's approval rating among her consituents in Alaska is nearly 80%, not the least of which is due to the fact that they do not feel that Palin is trying to inflict her personal beliefs upon others.