Saturday, September 27, 2008

"This is really getting out of control." MOHAMED OSMAN ADEN, Somali diplomat, after pirates took ship full of military weaponry

Ah, the beauty of the understatment!

My temptation is to let the day pass with tribute to Paul Newman
resting at the top of the heap, but news continues to pile up so fast that the currency of currency trumps even hero worship. Besides, it is my firm belief that Paul would prefer seeing our efforts at restoring democracy to the singing of his many praises.

1st Debate: How utterly predictable and even amusing that the first comment Obamameister Plouffe could muster in his after action con call was the fact that McCain didn't say, "middle class." It brings to mind the ancient child's game, "Giant Steps," wherein if a player forgot to say, "Mother, May I?", they were penalized.
But this is not a childhood game, and the Obama camp's desperation is clearly mounting as McCain swept last night's debate across the board with witty civility, solid solutions and concrete answers to Obama's dithering, hedging digressions ['Yeah...what HE said', from I-Agree-With-You-John Obama].

This, by the way, was no surprise; Obama's inability to function beyond reading the words "Hope" and "Change" off a teleprompter has become legend, as has his failure to ennunciate any real solutions to anything, perhaps out of fear he will be held accountable when he waffles on a vote he can't avoid.
But worst of all is the fact that he is tied, lock stock and barrel with Bill Ayres & Co. to ACORN,
the entity that has received so much attention for voter registration fraud, and which is now marked for a $140 Billion allocation in the proposed bailout; and with his first choice for VP, Jim Johnson of Fannie May, Goldman Sachs & Lehman fame, Franklin Raines of Fannie Mae and Lehman Bros, who resigned due to "accounting irregularities", from all of whom Obama accepted 49 times more money than Mccain. [Pick of the Week:]

Who else is betting he'll show up for THAT vote and, for that Change he loves to tout, instead of his customary "Present" vote, will push the button for Bailouts-R-US, while McCain toils steadily in Washington this weekend, working for something other than a plan to aggrandize corrupt "nonprofits" and Wall Street alike.

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