Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Princess Laia Kidnapped By Thelma & Louise

As the title suggests, events have taken on a surreal, movie-like quality as we have moved from the Debacle In Denver to the Meet Up in Minnesota. As I travelled East with two Feminist Patriots, we learned of McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, illustrating the fact that it is the Republican party, NOT the Democratic party, who has demonstrated a willingness to embrace women politically. Immediately we veered North from Terra Haute to express our position on women's and human rights when the hue and cry went up, among Democrats and Feminists alike, about how unfit, in their esteemed opinion, Sarah Palin was to run as a vice presidential nominee. Instead of embracing the idea that at last a woman had been chosen to run in a major election, all they could do was attack her for her personal choices and her ideological positons: she is an unfit mother because she works; it is her fault that she gave birth to a Down Syndrome baby; she is a bad mother because her daughter is pregnant. If anyone ever dared to say this about the working women whom the Democrats claim to represent, the fury of feminists and Democrats countrywide would raise a clamor heretofore unknown--when it is levelled against someone in the public eye--a governor, a working mother and fighter of corruption, runnin for office on a Reppublican ticket, these champions of human rights suddenly feel that it is acceptable to exhibit this hypocrisy.

Where is the integrity here? Where is the consistency? Where is the fight for human and women's rights? We have seen Hillary eliminated due to sexism. If we allow Palin to be bounced on that basis also, NO party will nominate a woman for president or vice president since they will be seen as detrimental to a campaign, irrespective of the issues they espouse.

This is NOT about the issues. This is about women's and human rights, without which we HAVE no chance for Democracy. As Hillary so wisely stated, "Women's Rights Are Human Rights."

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