Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Res Ipsa Loquitur - The Thing Speaks For Itself, or, Read It And Weep

Today brings a such plethora of poignant, salient pieces from so many contributers that I have decided to dedicate this post to them, for their words and reportage convey far better than I the situation we now face as a result of the DNC's and Obama camp's primary perfidy. While extreme sadness at this state of affairs is inevitable, we can also take hope from the truths contained herein, and the courage of those who voice them, and I am reminded that, although lying and cheating may sometimes appear to have prevailed, a fudged result is never for real, nor for long. A timeline of sorts, formed from soldiers in the PUMA Movement, follows.
Let the record show that Senator Clinton led in the popular vote, and that there was only a separation of 47 pledged delegates, even with all the caucus fraud and manipulation. http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P08/D.phtml
Clinton: 17,857,446
Obama: 17,584,649

Pledged delegates
Obama: 1,747
Clinton: 1,730

"Too many have worked too hard for too long to have this historic vote shoved under the rug."
--Karen Murphy, Alegre's Corner

"...there are widespread reports and investigations of fraudulent voting irregularities in several states. In the Texas caucuses there was massive voter fraud and voter intimidation. In Oregon there were dead people voting. In Los Angeles, gang members were hired to walk neighborhoods and threaten people to vote for Obama. In some southern states there is an investigation of votes being sold for $20.00, or in some cases, for drugs. These problems affect the results of voting in all states, Florida included, i.e. see website http://www.lynettelong.com/caucusfraud/

"The foregoing fraud was seen by countries all over the world. I am alarmed that a rigged roll call and nomination was allowed to happen in the USA. Our soldiers are dying all over the world for democracy and to give others the privilege to cast an honest vote. Former Pres. Jimmy Carter goes to many countries to monitor elections for fraud, yet he did nothing to stop what was going on in our own country. Jimmy Carter endorsed Obama. No Party should be above the law and as a citizen I expect you to do your job. If it is not your job, then whose job is it?
The spending of our state tax dollars to allow a private club such as the DNC to pick their own candidate in violation of even their own rules, and run that candidate on our state ballots is outrageous. . I assure you, I intend to work to amend our state laws so that from now on the DNC will not be allowed access to our state ballots without the requisite fees and petitions that the other political parties... must pay and supply, unless they return to holding fair elections based upon votes of citizens."--Lady Hawke, Fax to
FL Attorney General Bill McCollum

"...throughout the nomination process, the Obama campaign did everything possible to curtail the free speech of those who opposed him. Whether it was as simple as harassing supporters at the local metro, or as brazen as intimidating delegates at state conventions and threatening members of the Black Caucus---opposition to Barack Obama put people at risk—to be taunted, insulted and harassed in a way I've never before experienced in a political campaign."
--Paulie Abeles

" Would you be suprized if Obama loses GE? NO, he never won the primary!" --M.Sabori

On the Denver Convention: "...it appeared to me that many other states were subject to this arm twisting stuff also, and I wanted to share what happened to MS...I'm leaving out the part about how I was threatened with assault by a MS Obama delegate/atty. who told me after an interview with a reporter from the the Congressional Quarterly that I was not entitled to my opinions and she wanted us to go outside so she could whip my @ss (Monday night)."
--Kelly Jacobs, MS delegate

"That we all had to work so hard and basically beg for fairness and transparency is a sad commentary on the Presidential selection process. That we were even moderately influential is some consolation, but cold comfort. As an E[lection] W[atch]er wrote: "without the EW, the DNC would not have had to work so hard to rig the results..." --Ricki Lieberman

"We EWs knew that Clinton was far more Electable than BHO, and we know it still to be true..." --Aaron Baxter

"The Democratic Party has made a fatal mistake in nominating Barack Obama to be President of the United States. Now they will do everything fair and foul to foist that mistake on the American People. They will hack voting machines in key states, they will lie cheat and steal, and they will launch the same misogynistic attacks against Palin that they did against you while Obama maintains plausible deniability. No doubt, [Hillary] will do what [she] can to prevent this but it is not in [her] hands. Rather it is in the hands of people like Axelrod who are devoid of moral scruples and in the primary we saw the lengths to which they would go to disenfranchise voters... and if they fail then they will try to make [her] a scapegoat...we are thinking Democrats—not yellow dogs. The party of Barack Obama is no place for centrist democrats. When Howard Dean calls the Republican Party the white peoples party, when the Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party tells black voters to not support white candidates, when Obama himself claims that people who live in small town America are bitter, cling to guns and religion, and when former Democratic Chairman Don Fowler hopes a hurricane will hit New Orleans during the Republican Convention, something is clearly amiss.. But the Obama cancer is metastasizing throughout the party." --Bill Boe

"Strategy involved G.O.P. crossover voting to take out Clinton, marketing newcomer Obama, stripping battleground delegates, threatening violence at the convention, and (if necessary) declaring martial law to prevent November's general election. Meanwhile, revelations about the Illinois senator's ties to Chicago political fixer Antoin Rezko and Iraqi war profiteers are downplayed by the press. For their part, Democratic Party leaders have circumvented the official nominating process, declaring Obama the nominee by breaking their own rules and allowing superdelegates to "vote" before the convention." http://www.thecityedition.com/Pages/Archive/Winter08/2008Election.html --Rosemary Regello
[Note: If you read only ONE link today, make it THIS one].

"On television, Obama's spectacle might have looked like The Ten Commandments, but inside the stadium it felt like Night of the Living Dead... The crowd, of course, cheered mechanically at tag lines...But its mood was sour. The air carried the acrid smell of defeat...the crowd took shallow breaths. [author's note: The three who donned Nobama tee shirts and walked determinedly around the podium when he began to speak were copiously ignored by the press despite the furor they caused in the stadium]. It is conceivable that Barack Obama, if elected, will destroy himself before he destroys the country. Hatred is a toxic diet even for someone with as strong a stomach as Obama ... Both Obama and the American public should be very careful of what they wish for. As the horrible example of Obama's father shows, there is nothing worse for an embittered outsider manipulating the system from within than to achieve his goals.By all rights, the Democrats should win this election. They will lose, I predict, because of the flawed character of their candidate." http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Front_Page/JI03Aa02.html

"Orange is the symbolic color of the Ukrainian Revolutionaries who protested the "selection" of the President in a rigged election. There was massive corruption, voter intimidation and direct electoral fraud. In the end the Orange Revolution was successful. There was a re-vote that was watched by world observers (that's what we needed here!) and Yushchenko became the President. I guess only "rigged" elections in foreign countries get world outcry."
--Puget Sound Island Girl

And So: The conventions are over. The DNC and the Obama camp have, for the moment, gotten what they want, despite hard campaigning for the actual winner of the primaries and strenuous objection to voter and caucus fraud. However, this appears to be quite the pyrrhic victory indeed. Once again, the Democratic party has demonstrated its keen ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by insisting on the selection of an inexperienced, unqualified and, apparently, rather lawless individual who, it has recently come to light, has rather clearly violated the Logan Act on several occasions, most notably in negotiating in July with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebarito demand that they stop negotiations with the Bush Administration to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq in the hope that he can continue attacking the Bush Administration for not imposing a timetable for withdrawal.

And, if voter fraud and violation of the Logan Act weren't, on their own, sufficient reason to prevent his takeover of the Oval Office, this should seal the deal, so to speak:
"Every story that surfaces concerning Senator Obama reeks with the stench of the long-corrupt Chicago political machine. Obama is part of this machine; his rise to power was due to this machine, and like the Chicago power brokers he is nothing more than a say anything, do anything candidate who once elected will break all campaign promises, act only to increase his own political power and then expect the long-term memory loss that the public has to kick-in by election day...From aggregating information contained within FEC disclosures you can begin to form a picture of where the large contributions are coming from. According to The Center For Responsive Politics, of the 20 largest sources of campaign contributions to the Obama Campaign, 11 were Investment Banks or International Law firms directly tied to the financial industry." For a comprehensive list of specific donors, click link http://politicallydrunk.blogspot.com/2008/09/obamas-sub-prime-buddies-lehman.html
One can only hope that somehow, some way, there is a power in the Universe that will prevent him from taking control of the White House, because thus far, our tattered electoral system has been unable to prevent it.

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