Monday, September 15, 2008

Rumors Abound, The Truth Will Out and the Main Stream Media Stumbles On

It is a Monday in Mid September and the campaign for the General Election is well under way. Try as they might, Main Stream Media has been unable to help the Obama camp seal the deal--in fact, to the contrary, all they seem to have able to accomplish thus far is to almost completely lose credibility for both Obama and themselves. Matthews and Olberman have been demoted as anchors, the weekend buzz of truth and rumor has gone viral, and the wheels of the Obama bus are rapidly teetering off their axles, about to bring it crashing down on all those he has thrown beneath it.

Rumor, purportedly from DNC insiders, claims that on or about October 5th, Biden will suddenly step down for "health reasons," and be replaced by...are you ready for this?...none other than HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. Indeed, Biden recently stated that he thought Hillary would have been the better choice. Pollsters and analysts are getting letters from Democrats 'suddenly'[??] questioning the wisdom of DNC leadership's having forced their will by insisting that Obama be placed into waters far over his head as their presidential selectee...his polls are taking nose dives all over the country, and today's NY Daily News predicts the possiblity that McCain could win the State of NY; Rasmussen's daily tracking poll indicates that, despite former assertions that a 2008 Democratic win should be a shoe in, such is not the case with Obama at the top of the ticket.

Well...don't blame the 18 Million who clearly stated otherwise. They wanted Hillary--voted for her in record numbers-- and DNC leadership refused to listen. They even refused to respond courteously to the millions of Democrats who beseeched them to choose the winning candidate, replying to their pleas with rude, sometimes coarse language and/or threats ['Don't send me this crap'... 'call my office tomorrow and you'll see what happens to you' --Donna Brazile; 'take me off your list or I will report you to your server for spamming', --Susan Turnbull; 'we are sick and tired of you...' --Alice Germand and Don Fowler]

The Truth Will Out. And it has finally outed Barack Obama and the DNC for the hypocritical shams that they are. [To wit: It is not OK for a Republican mother to work: she should stay home with her kids. Only Democratic women are allowed to be working mothers]. It now remains to be seen whether they can still pull it out by continuing the tactics of fraud and corruption we witnessed along the primary path with the busing of school children and homeless to vote in the Indiana and Iowa primaries and the infamous Texas Caucus Fraud maneuvres. As the leaves continue to turn, we watch for Truth to triumph and hope for the best.

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